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10 Things You Should Do Before You Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad is an adventure for sure and the best idea is to plan it well in advance. You must plan every bit of your trip well and most importantly the packing and bookings are to be done very well in advance.

If you reach the airport on the departure day without a passport or if the melatonin for your red-eye is missing from your bag, it can disturb the entire sync of your trip. However, these are just a few of the things you must be aware of.

Out of all, the most important for you is to plan in advance all the safety, monetary as well as health measures. For you to get rid of further confusion, we have listed below some travel essentials that are a must for your International trip. You will also love to read this tourist secrets Asia guide which help you to solve so many your query and concern about the international trip. Check out the list below. For more travel resources visit

Keep all documents organized

Make a checklist of all the essential documents and tick one by one if they are updated or not. Specific documents require special up-gradation measures. For example, there are countries that demand your passport to be valid at least 6 months extra post-return or few countries ask for the passport photographs with different specifications.

Therefore, make sure that there are no hassles at the check-in or check-out and you are handy with all the required documents. Also, keep digital and physical copies of your passport and other important papers.

Do not forget to pass a copy of your itinerary and your emergency contact details to some of your close people. It will help you to contact others in case you are lost or experienced theft abroad. You must also communicate with your credit card companies and banks and let them know about your schedule.
As a result, they will honor your purchases abroad and also issue a bill to inform you about all the extra taxes and charges.

Safety comes first

When we do the planning for our trip abroad one simple thing that we keep ignoring is good International travel insurance. A travel insurance is very useful when you are in trouble in a foreign country.

Look for a travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellation, delay or lost check-in baggage, loss of passport & personal liability. If you are planning to try any adventure sports, then make sure your travel insurance covers the same.


Check if any specific vaccinations required in the country you are travelling? Make a list of all the required vaccines and start getting all the necessary vaccinations a few weeks in advance as they take time to finish the course.

Several people have to go through multiple vaccination sessions that might last for weeks or even months. Communicate with your physician to get the CDC- shots because vaccine protocols for every country differ from each other. Other than this, you must also carry essential medicines for first-aid when you travel.

Also check the most common diseases travelers go face in the country like Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhea or others. Don’t forget to keep necessary medication for the same.

Read about the place you are visiting

A good source of information about your destinations works wonders irrespective of the fact if you are a paperback guidebook type or a connoisseur of traveling applications. Start reading about the place you want to visit so that you have advance knowledge of essential things such as their exchange rates, tipping norms, useful phrases, clothing norms, and other customs.

As a result, you can prevent yourself from embarrassing situations. Carry clothes and other essentials as per the norms of other countries. For example, it is a must to wear knee-covered clothing if you are visiting any East Asian country, especially the temples.

Check for the popular fraud schemes and scams happening with tourists in that country. This will keep you aware of the possible scams and you can handle the situation well when it arises.

Digital necessities

Nowadays, with the advancement of digitization, smartphones have become our best friends and also our guide and help in need. You must make sure your phone is loaded with all the essential applications that are a must while traveling abroad.

A great way to save battery is to download offline maps in advance. Star mark all the places you are planning to visit in your Maps application and access it offline.

Also, download other entertainment and emergency apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Google Maps, News apps and more. You can download the your favourite episodes and watch them during the flight or long hours of train/bus journey. For additional mobile security, you can use a privacy screen protector so that wherever you go, you don’t have to worry about strangers peeping your phone.

Mobile Insurance

Well, you might find this a little awkward but mobile phone insurance is extremely necessary when you are traveling. Smartphones are a basic companion for all of us and the last thing that we want is damage to the screen of our phones. Since, we use phones for pictures or videos on the go and also for all basic communication, its safety is a must. The phone screen is usually the first to get damaged and mobile phone insurance will cover your loss easily.

You can find a mobile insurance online very easily. One of the most popular mobile insurance in India is provided by Digit. It covers accidental screen damage to your phone screen. Make sure you buy a mobile insurance plan before you leave for your trip. This will ensure a complete safety of your phone.

Daily usage items such as Water bottles, chargers and universal adapter

Whenever you are out, irrespective of which place you are in, you must carry a water bottle. Since staying hydrated is extremely important and avoiding plastic is a must too. Insulated bottles are an ideal option as they are not made of plastic and can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. So, for a long trek or journey, having one is a good option.

Also known as power banks, they are irreplaceable while traveling. When you are watching a movie on your long flight and your phone goes out of charge, a power bank is a savior. It can also charge your laptops and other gadgets at the same time.

It is next to impossible to go around from one shop to another looking for an adapter that suits your mobile phone. Also, it is a foolish idea to borrow without knowing if that would work for you. so, a universal adapter is what you require for any place you go and for any mobile.

Forex Card, Credit/debit cards and Cash

The most important thing you will need on your trip, currency to spend. Make sure you buy a good Forex card if you are planning to carry digital cash and don’t want to pay the markup charges banks levy on forex transactions done through the credit/debit cards.

If you are planning to use your credit/debit card, make sure you inform your card provider in advance that you will be using your card in a foreign country. This will help the banks to understand that the real owner of the card is doing transactions and they won’t block your card suspecting fraud.

If you are carrying cash, make sure you carry in a waterproof pouch. Keep that pouch with all your important documents and don’t put it in the main luggage which is going to be your checked-in luggage.

Medical First aid box

Prepare a medical kit for yourself. Keep all the required medicines, make a checklist of all the medical items you would need. If you have any medical problem like an allergy or any other problem, make sure you carry necessary medication for the same.

A list of what not to carry items

Check all the restrictions in the country you are travelling to. Read more about this online and make sure you do not carry any item which is prohibited in that country or illegal. This can get you into a real trouble.

Final thoughts

An international trip sounds so much fun but makes sure you are well-equipped with all the essentials before leaving. When you are confident about having an aid to almost all problems, you can enjoy more.