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5 Major Interior Design Trends In 2019

While décor and interior designs do not change as often as fashion trends, they do have their new trends every now and then.

The year 2019 is truly underway now, and while most of its newness has worn off, it has brought us some interior design trends that we still consider fairly new. Included in some of the design trends 2019 has brought us are rich colours, some elegant pieces such as transparent piano, and the timeless sustainability.

Take a look at some of these ideas, and they just might inspire some improvements to your home décor.

Black Hues

Kitchens and baths that were formerly painted a clean white are now starting to take on darker shades, with a rise in the popularity of dark appliances and material. The overall effect of black surfaces can be very sexy, as well as dramatic and unique. Black cabinets put on a background of white walls will definitely create a nice and sophisticated contrast.

Bold Plants

Something that never seems to go out of style is greenery. In 2019, be sure to include some big, bold plants in your décor. Add a large rubber tree to your living room; place one in each corner of the space, or flank your sofas with the large plants. Remember that the aim is to go big and, the bigger, the better.

Painted Ceilings

2019 sees more and more people taking advantage of the most overlooked wall of the home- the ceiling. Expect everything from bright and daring colours to wallpaper on your ceiling. Consider it one more place you can use to express your personality and really take some chances.

Hand Pieces

Sustainable items made by hand are gaining even more popularity in 2019; expect more and more items made from materials like clay and jute this year. For nature and eco-friendly lovers, this is an awesome opportunity to take their level of self-expression to newer heights, as they can include these grounding elements in their spaces. The handmade pieces are perfect for creating a deeper connection to the earth and pay homage to natural materials.

BOHO Styles

Yep, the Boho style is back this year but, with a whole new twist. Actually, Boho never completely went out of style but, now in 2019, it is no longer just the favourite of artistic free spirited types, it is now a major part of 2019 interior design trends. If you are a home owner looking for some ideas on how to spice up your home décor or shake things up with a whole new change of styles, you should really consider the boho trend. This makes your decorating a whole lot easier in so many ways. First, with the boho trend never having fully disappeared, you will definitely never be at a loss of ideas on how to decorate your home. Secondly, there are so many boho products available; from styled pillows and furniture to wall hangings and art, boho is definitely one of the easier styles to get.

If you think the boho trend is a bit too artsy for your tastes, you can opt for a more classy Haute Bohemian look, which adds the free spirited nature of the boho design with a classy, cultured look.