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How to Moisturize your Body During the Winter Season?

Cold weather makes the skin dry, flaky and may lead to cracks sometimes. It is a good idea to invest in rich and creamy body butter to moisturize the skin during winter. However, there are other tips for healthy skin in winter:

  • Lowering the thermostat while in the house to reduce moisture loss
  • Maximizing moisture by using a humidifier in the house and office
  • Limiting shower temperature and time
  • Invest in effective sunscreen. 

Taking the above steps will help reduce skin moisture loss and keep your skin hydrated. And here are some other things you can do to moisturize your body during the cold season.

Moisturizing your body during winter

  • Eat a healthy diet

During winter, one must avoid foods that dry out the skin. Sugary and high sodium foods will dry out your skin. Instead, one should eat naturally moisturizing foods such as avocados, coconuts, and sweet potatoes. Dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, and oily fish also helps to enhance skin suppleness. Eggs are rich in proteins, sulfur, and lutein that help hydrate the skin and increase its elasticity. One should also take plenty of water and green tea. Diet plays a role in skin moisture production and preventing moisture loss too.

  • Use ointments and body creams 

Selecting the best moisturizer during winter is the first step to keeping your skin supple and soft. Opt for body butter and ointments that will provide your skin with a protective seal to lock moisture. Take special care of your lips and face during winter. Prioritizing these areas will ensure that your face and lips remain soft and supple since, during winter, these parts experience more exposure to harsh weather conditions. Good skin moisturizers contain aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, and fatty acids. Natural ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, almond, and olive oil are good skin moisturizers.

  • Adopt gentle cleansing and exfoliation methods

Skincare experts recommend the use of allergy and fragrance-free gentle cleaners. One should check for ingredients in the cleansers and avoid products that contain harsh ingredients. After cleansing the skin, pat it dry to avoid stripping away skin oils or causing irritation. Exfoliation should be a routine beauty regimen routine during winter to help remove dead skin. For moisturizers to work, exfoliation is crucial as it removes dead skin cells. But one should use a gentle exfoliator on the skin to avoid inflammation and other skin reactions. 

  • Overnight treatments

Overnight beauty regimen at night during winter helps your skin to rejuvenate and hydrate. Skincare experts recommend the use of emollients at night. It is advisable to research night creams that contain emollients to moisturize the skin while asleep. Some of the ingredients to watch out for are ceramides, essential oils, and beeswax.

Knowing one’s skin type is the first step to identifying skincare products that increase and retain moisture on the skin. During winter, extra caution and taking more water will help keep your skin soft. Remember to choose high-quality moisturizers and use them frequently to prevent dry skin.

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