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Prosthodontics or Dental Prosthesis

Prosthodontics or dental prosthesis is the branch of dentistry responsible for the replacement of dental pieces. The applied prostheses can be fixed or removable, depending on whether or not they are removed, and total or partial, depending on the uniqueness or multiplicity of dental elements to which the treatment is subjected. The objective of this practice consists mainly in the restitution of the chewing function, as well as phonetic, swallowing and aesthetic purposes. There are some best dental implants in Toronto which provide this service at a reasonable price.

What dentists practice it?

Prosthodontists are the professionals responsible for carrying out this practice. This medical specialty requires a postgraduate study program in the specific area and includes the proper management of different disciplines, as well as interrelated work with other sectors of health. The prosthodontist develops a work that covers the different stages of diagnosis, design, reconstruction, and adaptation. Its work is basically architectural planning and its responsibility entails in the first place the need to ensure an adequate and quality prosthesis. The follow-up period regarding the adaptation of the treated patient will serve to guarantee the success of the process.

Types of prostheses

There are two types of a prosthesis for the replacement of teeth that have been removed or lost for different reasons. The fixed, also known as bridges, are those that are attached to an intermediate piece through two covers. With the name of cover is designated an artificial wheel that is placed on a natural tooth previously carved. In this way, it is possible to replace non-existent teeth taking advantage of those that are still preserved. On the other hand, removable prostheses are used when there are no original elements that can act as support. There are conventional removable prostheses that may not be the most suitable due to the materials used in their preparation and their lack of aesthetics. The use of advanced technology acrylics that provide greater adherence and flexibility is becoming more frequent,

From what age are they made?

This treatment can be done from childhood, from the moment when the small patients have enough oral firmness to support the application of these artificial elements. There are several circumstances or accidents due to which children can suffer the premature loss of a dental piece, making it necessary to implant a prosthesis. Likewise, the importance of this practice in those young patients is highlighted as a way to prevent future oral disorders.

Cost and types of medical insurance that usually cover the treatment

The costs of prosthodontics in Canada vary according to the zones of the country, usually, it cost between 800 to 1,300 dollars for the implantation of a removable partial prosthesis. Traditional dental insurance covers 50% of the total price of the process. You must visit the dental clinic to consult the dentist before the process.