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How to Use a Log Burner

Log burners are mostly installed along with the already present fireplaces in your house. This helps to increase the efficiency of using wood in your home. Log burners are an efficient source of heating since they work to produce more heat from every piece of log. This means that this burner helps you use the wood while making the most out of it. You can use this log burner by turning it on so that it takes its required time to heat up. Once that is done. You can start adding your fuel or any flammable material to start the fire. You can start adding your wood to keep the wire going for as long as you want. The woods must receive proper ventilation for the fire to last longer.

Starting the fire

You need to start a fire on the burner before placing the wood in it if you want it to burn for a long time. You can start the fire by using small pieces of paper or an old newspaper so that it catches fire quickly. You must also ensure that the tray of your burner is clean and does not have any previous ashes, as that can affect the quality of your fire. You must place some ashes between the logs to allow proper ventilation. You can start by placing small pieces of paper on the burner plate so that it catches fire quickly.

Warming up the burner

If the top part of your burner is cold or not warm enough, it may allow your fire to start properly. This can be the case if you leave the burner’s door open for a long time before lighting the fire. You must not do so, especially if you live in a cold area. You must only open the door when you want to light the fire and then leave it on for a few minutes so that it helps to bring the overall stove and burner to room temperature. This would allow the burner to start heating your space faster.

Lighting fire inside the stove

Before lighting up the fire, you must ensure that all the vents attached to the burner are open. If any vent remains closed, that proper air supply would not be provided for the fire to light up the burner properly. You must not only light the fire at one particular place. Rather you should place the small paper all around the base of the burner so that the whole bed catches fire evenly. Once you have lit up the burner, you must close the stove door so that fire does not come out into the room, but the vents of the burner should remain open for the fire to remain lit. Following these steps would ensure your and your family’s safety and would minimize the chances of any accidents.