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How to Combine Southwestern Rugs With Modern Decor

Back in the day, everything was adorned in the Texas Star along with barbed wire fencing and howling coyotes. There were wall plaques and tacky garden ornaments, bookends, and wall paintings. During this time bright blues and turquoises were another popular decor option as well. This was a time when everyone would wholeheartedly follow something they loved and passionately decorate with it all over.

These days many had little idea of home decorating and tacky is putting it nicely. If you have lived through the days of Sunflower Sue and the Parading ducks, you know what we mean and you probably shy away from Southwestern rugs. However, there are many many Southwestern rug designs out there today that will look great with modern decor. And, they won’t go over the top.

The idea of Southwestern rugs is to give the room a little pizazz without overpowering the room. This is very important to keep in mind when looking for furniture or a rug with furniture. Very subtle furniture color choices such as browns, black, and creams are a good option that can handle that classic Southwestern rug design without making the room seem extremely busy. Currently, our favorite place to find these types of Southwestern rugs is

Modern Design Meets Southwestern and Native American Style

Today modern decor focuses on easy to live with, honest and individualistic approach to decorating. Today’s styles can be mix-and-matched with a twist that will add that personal touch. This personalization makes modern decor more inviting and warm. You can have that western feel that is upbeat, glamours with a look that is anything but kitschy.

Southwestern style has a different look for many. But, there is one thing in common and that’s the rustic natural elements and spirit that is put into every Southwestern rug. The New Mexico Pueblo feel is certainly different than that of Southern California Mission. While there are beautiful Native American Designs as well as the rustic western style. The architecture of the southwest reflects its rich and diverse history. But the common theme is organic, the appreciation of age, the integration of function and beautify with the history of it all.

Combine the look of the Southwest rugs with big wooden pieces to get an amazing outcome. Or set the table with some Mexican silver, handmade pottery and find those weathered pieces that go so well with the feel. Add some hammered finishes and weathered or worn finishes to give it that lived in but loved look.

Remember to have fun with the western decor. It is not fussy and shouldn’t require a lot of maintenance. It should be warmer and inviting than it is stuffy and egotistical. The southwest decor typically has a rustic western style and feel to it. Using natural elements such as leather and intertwining unique materials in unique places. For example leather pillows on a fabric couch. Natural slate and other natural stone looks great in combination with the Southwestern rug design as well.

Long gone are the tacky Southwestern look. Today’s modern decor has an amazing appeal to it and combining that look with a Southwestern rug is a great addition to any modern decor. A Southwestern Rug makes a great focal point of which ties the entire room together.

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