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Is 24 Hours Fitness in Santa Monica Good?

24 Hour Fitness gym chain is popular in the US, offering sought-after amenities for fitness enthusiasts and those trying to achieve the body of Chris Evans Captain America. It has clubs spread across the country, one of these being the Santa Monica club. If you are considering joining the gym, this article will guide you on what to expect. You will also learn about the different amenities the24 hour Fitness in Santa Monica provides. That way, you can gauge if it is the best for you, depending on your fitness goals.

24 Hour Fitness Santa Monica Membership

Before you check the kind of amenities the gym has to offer, it is essential to understand the different membership plans. 24 Hour Fitness gym memberships come in different models to make it easier for many people to join. The most common one is the SuperSport membership, which allows you to access all clubs across the country.

The Basic plan provides access to all clubs with an initial fee of $9.99 and a monthly fee of $51.99, and an annual fee of $49.99. This commitment will cost you $100.20. You can choose to pay a higher sign-up fee to reduce the monthly costs. If you want to pay less each month, you can pay $44.00 per month with the standard fee of $39.99 and an initial fee of $149.99. This will cost you $239.97 to start.

You can also choose the One Club Access, in this case, Santa Monica gym. This membership plan is cheaper and works well for people in local areas, and do not travel as much. The standard fee per month on the One Club Access plan is $49.99 with an initial fee of the same price. The annual fee is $39.99, which totals to $149 at the start. You can pay less with a 12-month contract, which drops the cost to 113.97 when signing up.

If you are committed to your fitness journey and want to pay in installments, you can choose between the three prepayment options. The first one will require you to pay $99.99 for one month. The other one will require you to pay $399.99 for 90 days, and the last one will cost you $649.99 per year. You can go ahead and choose plans spanning two years or three years.

Amenities at the Santa Monica 24 Hour Fitness Gym

The gym is impressively stocked up with equipment you would need for your regular workouts. However, some of the amenities come at an additional cost. The best thing is that most standard equipment and amenities are free and accessible for everyone with an active membership. Here they are;

  • Cardio equipment
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free weights
  • Group cycling
  • Group exercise
  • Indoor lap pool
  • Personal training area
  • Practice basketball court
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • TRX suspension training.

Here are the amenities with additional fees to use.

  • Personal training
  • Pro shop
  • Training Club 24-Ignite

Is Santa Monica 24 Hour Fitness Gym good for You?

The gym is adequately equipped and suit people with different fitness goals. It is spacious and has plenty of equipment to suit many users at a go. So, yes, the 24 Hour Fitness gym at Santa Monica is a good option.