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Feel at Home: Top 5 Home Upgrades for Homebodies

Intensified lockdowns have been imposed on a global scale to prevent the rapid transmission of Coronavirus-19 from one person to another. Indeed, each country’s government urges their countrymen to remain at home and observe precautionary safety measures such as regular washing of hands, wearing a facemask, and taking a distance in the crowd.

Moreover, for several months of being at home, you inevitably become a homebody and perhaps miss what you regularly do, like enjoying the beach on a hot summer day. Being a homebody isn’t bad after all.

Not only does it prevent you from being infected, but it gives you an avenue to keep family ties and discover something new. Since you become one with your home during these times, having these five home essentials will enliven your dull pandemic experience.

Smart Thermostat

Today, the climate and weather conditions are unpredictable—winters can be frigid, and summers can be scorching hot. Now that you are in your home, experiencing drastic changes in temperature make you uncomfortable. Hence, having a smart thermostat in your house will take you out of discomfort.

Since air conditioners and heaters consume almost half of the electric bill, you will practically seek for an alternative energy-saving technology that’ll reduce your expenses. One of the smart home technologies available in the market is the smart thermostat. It is used for home automation that controls the temperature of your home using a smart device.

This smart technology utilizes Wi-Fi that enables you to adjust the temperature using your smartphone at a distance. It also has a scheduled-feature that automatically regulates energy-efficient temperature, especially when you’re not at home or asleep.

Water Filtration System

Clean drinking water is one of the physiological needs that you can’t live without. However, potable water services can be interrupted during this crisis, forcing you to purchase clean bottled water. With that said, counting onto a water filtration system in your home will secure your family’s health safety. Perhaps, you might want to visit for water filter information and guides on choosing the best water filtration system for your home.

Almost every house has a water filtration system, but only a few buy sturdy ones and maintain its functionality—leading to water infiltration. This system filters all existing impurities and purifies the water to clean drinking water in a nutshell. The filtered water contains healthy mineral deposits and a balanced pH level, which is good for your body.

Smart Television

If you are a movie lover who enjoys watching movies on the big screen, this year will not be in your favor. Although some cinema houses are slowly opening, there are still limitations. For an alternative, you can now enjoy your all-time favorites and current movies at your comfort in your home through smart television.

A smart television is far from the standard commercial televisions. In a simple sense, it is a combination of television, internet, and applications that can be easily accessed by every family member. You can also open your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter since it is connected to Wi-Fi.

Further, smart TVs can go beyond regular channels that will give you enjoyment from a wide variety of contents. One of its abilities is to offer services like Netflix and YouTube, which have tons of movies and videos in just one click.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Almost every house has a garage that protects the vehicle and equipment behind it, and having a sturdy garage door secures your family inside from burglars and thieves. But, there are times that you tend to forget to close the garage door or have difficulty opening it.

While a conventional garage door opener is still used, a smart garage door controller offers features that will exceed your expectations.

When it comes to security, the smart garage door opener allows you to see and monitor who is coming in and out of your garage. Since it is connected to your smartphone, you will know whether someone has breached in your door.

You will also have access to the closing or opening the garage door even from afar because it is Wi-Fi-connected. Although it is more expensive than the regular controller, investing in this smart controller is more beneficial as it can go in the long run.

Video Doorbell

Gone are the days when you need to attend in front of the door to see who pushed the doorbell and be played by foolish strangers countless times because the video doorbell is invented to ease your plight.

The video doorbell adds security to your home. Whenever someone pushes the button, the built-in camera automatically captures who and what’s in front of it. Moreover, the camera footage could serve as evidence if someone vandalizes or tries to penetrate the house.

Nevertheless, investing in this kind of technology for your home is a pragmatic way of keeping safety and security.


Don’t be consumed by the negativities and dullness this global crisis entails, as you can still enjoy and feel comfortable at your home. It is also vital to gratify your needs and wants to maintain your mental and physical soundness. Thus, by having all the five essential upgrades to your house, if not all, make your homebody experience a holistic one.