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Serious Relationships Seem Not to Work Out? 7 Signs You Are Not Ready for Them!

Are you looking for a serious relationship but it just doesn’t work out? Sometimes you may feel that a relationship is necessary for a stable and normal lifestyle. But do you have the ability to devote your time, your energy, and your affection to that one person you are probably dating?

If you can’t build a serious relationship, maybe you are simply not ready for it. There are some clear signs that you are not ready for a relationship. 

You have certain fears

Often we look at what’s going on in other people’s relationships and transfer that picture to our relationships. There can be many fears: fear of a painful breakup, an unhappy marriage, infidelity, and a future together. But you can’t live in fear forever, can you? Understand where you got them from. If this is a personal previous experience, try to scroll through his head all the points, make for yourself the main thing, and then let go to start building a new relationship. 

You have an avoidance behavior

Trying to spend less time with your partner, prefer to be alone or among your friends? Do you prefer to rather gamble in National Casino Australia and spend your time on other hobbies rather than be with your partner? Maybe you just don’t want to be in a relationship, it is simple. 

You worry too much about what your friends think about your relationships 

Everyone wants their significant other’s approval from friends and family. When you are in that relationship, it makes your life easier and reassures you that they get along well or at least like each other. But at the end of the day, it’s your life and your relationship. If they aren’t toxic, who cares who you date?

You don’t trust anyone, not even yourself

Trust is an important thing in a relationship, and if you don’t have it, you can’t be in it. You have to be willing to trust the other person and make yourself vulnerable. You have to trust that he won’t hurt you, that he won’t cheat on you, that he won’t fall out of love with you. If you can’t trust him, you will be too cautious and build a wall around yourself. But if you want to be in a relationship, you have to be willing to let someone in. 

You don’t know how to communicate effectively

Like trust, communication plays an important role in maintaining a relationship. If you don’t like something, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself for fear of what your partner will think. You’ll end up resenting him or harboring a grudge, and he won’t even know why!

You prefer to take rather than give

If in a relationship you are demanding, constantly want something from your partner, but do not respond to any of his requests. Behave selfishly and are not willing to sacrifice anything, but you have a lot of desires that you show your partner. So if you are only willing to take and do not give anything in return, no serious relationship will not work.

You don’t accept your partner

A relationship means total acceptance of each other. You must equally accept both perfection and flaws. In case you try to change the other’s weaknesses to improve him/her or meet your ideal expectations, you will end up ruining the relationship.