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4 Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Are you ready for the season of pastel colors, sunshine, and afternoons outdoors? Just as importantly, is your lawn ready?

Too many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their lush green lawn will bounce back in spring on its own. The reality is that it takes work and planning to have a healthy spring lawn, but it’s possible.

Start with these critical tips on preparing the lawn for spring.

1. Get Rid of the Winter Litter

Over the course of the winter, a lot can happen to your lawn while it lays around unused. Twigs from trees and other debris can dot the surface. You may also have fallen leaves leftover from the fall.

Before you start your spring lawn treatments, you need a clean slate. That debris can make your lawn treatments less effective by blocking some of the product from reaching the grass. It can even damage your mower when you kick off your spring mowing routine.

The best way to remove debris is with a leaf blower. A rake works, but it can put more stress on your grass than a blower does.

2. Prevent Weeds Before They Start

No one wants to spend every Saturday of their spring and summer pulling weeds. Even with all that back-breaking work, you’ll be left with bald spots in your lawn.

Instead, safeguard your lawn now with pre-emergent weed control. This specialized treatment kills weed buds in the ground before they germinate or in their early stages.

Timing is important with pre-emergent weed control, though. The treatment can vary based on the type of grass you have. As the experts at Sergio’s Lawn Services explain, every homeowner needs to consult with a professional to find out what’s best for their lawn.

3. Send a “No Vacancy” Message to Pests

Just like with weeds, it’s far easier to prevent lawn pests from taking hold in the first place than to repair their damage later.

Preventative pest control is even more customized, though. Each lawn pest has a different life cycle and becomes problematic at different times of the season. There are also different pests that are common in various regions.

To get an accurate picture of what you need, speak with a local pest control specialist. Between your specific region and your lawn’s history with pests, they’ll be able to design a preventative program.

4. Fertilize and Refresh

Homeowners often assume their lawns will spring up vibrant and full every spring, but most lawns need a helping hand. That’s why now is the time to fertilize. It will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to return to its beautiful self or to be better than it was last year.

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

After a long winter, we’re all looking forward to seeing the green come back this spring. You can help that happen while protecting your lawn with the tips above for preparing your lawn for spring.

If you want more tips for making the most of every inch of your home, check out more articles on our blog.