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Salwar Kameez –The Style Icon for the Young Girls

Fashion can never go unnoticed and one such type of costume is a comfort for the girls of this generation is the salwar kameez. Shopping has become an easy task nowadays by the online shopping apps available at the reach of our hands through the phone.

The history of salwar kameez dates back to the tradition of Pakistani and Punjabi where women wore salwar kameez for all special occasions in their families. The salwar kameez were popular for their comfortable outfit and chosen by the women and girls. They come in different styles, shapes, and sizes according to the period. It was chosen both by men and women of the Asian countries for its flexibility. Even with the changing trend and fashion, salwar kameez keeps updating and stands out among other outfits.

Salwar kameez are known for their use all through the year and for all occasions without causing any discomfort or outdated.

The different styles salwar kameez has customized over the period are:

The Afghani suit

The suit is known for its baggy leg with embroidery work in the bottom making it stylish and trendy. Depending upon the individual, the dress can be worn with sleeve or without sleeve. The length of the dress ranges from knee to halfway to thigh depending on the style.

The Parallel suit

The suit comes with boot cut trousers making it special among the other salwar kameez and the pant is usually filled with embroidery work to make it look grand and special. Any type of salwar kameez can be paired with a dupatta depending upon the individual.

The Pathani

This suit is known to belong to the community of Muslim people of the Pakistanis and Afghanistan’s. they are usually worn by the men and is suited for all occasions and is of traditional use.

Patiala suit

The Patiala suit comes with a pleated bottom and has become the style icon after the 80s. With this comforting and grand looking dress, it can be paired with dupatta and a knee length top. It is suitable for all occasions and seasons.

Anarkali suit

Never goes out of style is the Anarkali suit with a long frock like dress paired with pant and dupatta. The top is long enough that is usually lengthy and the dupatta work stands out making it special for all occasions and celebrations. Originated from Lahore, is adapted in the Asian countries for its uniqueness.

Balochi suit

Worn by the men of the Pakistani, the salwar kameez is featured with baggy pants. They are never tight fitted with sleeves very long and are usually considered traditional by the locals. The Balochi suit is similar to the one worn by Afghanistan’s.

Care should always be taken when it comes to outfits and since this is of delicate material with heavy work, immense care is required. Dry wash is recommended for long life and does not fade away easily. With its availability in the online market, buying salwar kameez online based on our sizes and design is an easy task nowadays.

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