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What is Instagram?

Probably, this is primarily a social network, in which there are already more than one billion active users. Instagram is an intuitive and easy-to-use photo editor for mobile devices.
Many people like to photograph, capture moments for history, and the most accessible and always at hand device for this business lives are the mobile phones. And it is always interesting to share your life happenings with friends and acquaintances.
Instagram relieves you of this dilemma – take a picture and immediately upload it (all in one application). Moreover, modern mobile phones provide quite a reasonable quality of the pictures taken, which will be viewed mostly from the same mobile phones, where the flaws of the camera used will not be visible.


What is Instagram?
What are the filters?
Instagram Settings
How to make money on Instagram?
Instagram on desktop

  • What are the filters?

Immediately after registration, you will see 23 default filters. Not everyone knows, but their number can be increased. To do this, at the very end of the filter list, you need to click on the “Settings” button, if you have iOS, or “Manage”, if you prefer Android.

So, before you opened a new menu. In it, you can select additional filters. If you have never heard of them before, try everything, and those that you don’t like, just delete. Once you’ve posted your picture or video, you may want to Buy custom Instagram comments. This will make your post appear more popular!

What options are offered? There are several:

  • Clarendon. Initially applied only to video. It makes the photo brighter. Draws attention to objects in the foreground.
  • Gingham. Favorite of hipsters. A bright picture with it becomes as if shrouded in a light haze, a fading effect appears. The dark photo looks yellowish and vintage.
  • Lark. Brightens everything except red. Ideal for pictures of food or beautiful nature.
  • Juno. Makes pictures clearer and brighter. Removes the brightness of yellow, red and orange. Often used for street photography.
  • Ludwig. When the picture needs contrast. With it, the cold tones become darker, and the warm ones become lighter. In addition, the picture gets additional highlights and shadows, which makes it deeper.
  • Inkwell. Turns a color photo into black and white, add shadows.
  • Kelvin. Adds brightness, great for landscape shots, especially if sunrise or sunset is shot.

New filters constantly appear. So, in 2017, the project owners released a whole package of interesting solutions specifically for selfies. In one word, on Instagram, it is possible with a couple of clicks to make your picture very unusual.

Instagram Settings

Through the settings, you can find friends, contact technical support if you have any problems, and also re-see everything you liked. Also, this tab provides the ability to edit the profile, change the profile picture, clean the search, as well as deal with PUSH notifications. What is this about?

PUSH-notifications with special pop-up windows show everything that happens to your account. Thanks to this, you can quickly respond to comments and likes. But since sometimes such messages are annoying, they can be turned off.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. But at the same time, Instagram offers great opportunities for promotion.

How to make money on Instagram?

What is Instagram in terms of earnings? In addition to the advantages of using Instagram comfortably, there is also an opportunity to earn extra money on this social network.

Here are the main ways to make money:

  • On special exchanges, find the task and perform simple actions (likes, comments, additions to groups), for which you are paid a small amount of money.
  • By placing an advertisement. Many bloggers manage to use this method of earnings. For example, if a user has a large number of followers, he can place an advertisement on his page, while receiving a certain fee for it. This is good for both the follower and the advertiser. But most of all the owner of the account who pays for advertising the goods wins. Sometimes it happens that users manage to establish contacts directly with large retail chains selling various goods.
  • One of the types of earnings on Instagram is the creation and maintenance of accounts for other users.
  • Instagram can be used to promote products or services. That is, you can create your own online store based on Instagram or promote your services (as a photographer, designer, stylist, etc.)
  • You can also earn on affiliate products – many networks offer good conditions for mediating a transaction.
  • Assistance in the promotion of other people’s accounts. If you have an advertised page, you can help promote another – of course, not for free.

Instagram on desktop

However, when viewing an online version of Instagram from a computer, some flaws of photos taken on a smartphone can still appear, but the genius of the developers was that they offered to put a professional filter on it before posting, which will make from your mediocre picture something similar to an artistic photograph.

This whole idea of Instagram began with the fact that in the fall of 2010 the first version of the application was released exclusively for Apple phones, it was a great success there and after a couple of years they made Android users happy, and in the near future they plan to release a version of Instagram for Windows Phone devices.
In this regard, many people are interested in the possibility to register on Instagram from a computer and use it from it as a regular social network. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to implement this fully, but there is a little trick that allows you to install an Android operating system emulator called BlueStacks on your computer.

This emulator is quite convenient and you will have practically no limits (shared clipboard, mouse, keyboard, file system and network connections). BlueStacks can be installed either on a regular desktop computer (controlled by a mouse) or on tablets via Windows (controlled by moving your finger across the screen).

The Instagram app is already installed with BlueStacks, like a regular Android application, after which you can register in this application without using a smartphone, directly from your computer, laptop, netbook or tablet.


Instagram is a very exciting social network, the interest in which is constantly growing. And not least, advertisers are very fond of Instagram!