Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Every Broom Matters: 6 Broom Upgrades That No One Told You About!

Just like us, if you love your sweeping moment of silence and look forward to doing some cleaning, you’re in the right place. This article is about to change your life.

Everyone knows, has, and can’t do without their treasured brooms. But what if I told you that there are improved versions that are out in the market and no one even told you? Well, here we are. It’s time to ditch your old fashioned brooms and get some funk into your dusting time.

Check out these wacky features that can make cleaning an entirely new experience for you. Read on to find out more!

#1 Scent Of A Good Home – Scented Brooms

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the process of taking out the trash? Scented brooms are a thing of wonder. These are a great way to get some fragrance into your rooms. Use these with caution, as they may be less effective and more fragile than a regular broom. Although it may not have the same properties or efficiency of a standard broom, it does add to the overall atmosphere!

#2 Talkin Straight – Upright Brooms

Usually, we are used to handling brooms whose bristles are at a certain angle to sweep the dirt. The way upright brooms work is that the bristles are at the same line as the handle of the broom. This helps in getting into tighter spaces and removing filth that is stuck inside.

This is an extremely easy broom to use. Just make sure that you have a broom with the right handle as per your convenience. Dealing with a wrong length of handle can be tiresome and frustrating.

#3 Portable And Light – Hand Brooms

As compared to other brooms, these brooms are naturally smaller. So if you need to dust the bookshelf or television down, a hand broom works magically!

It is a quicker solution to fix up the surrounding without taking too much time. Having a hand broom is always helpful in last-minute dirt cleanups.

#4 Vintage Vibes – Besom Brooms

The Harry Potter of brooms, a besom broom does not have bristles but instead, has twigs tied around a stick. Although this kind of broom does not help with heavy work, it’s a fun decoration broom to keep at home.

Being delicate and sensitive, it helps with smaller area cleaning. Or the next time you want to trick or treats, it doubles as a cool accessory too!

#5 Tough Work – Hard Brooms

If soft brooms are not getting the job done – then it’s time for a necessary upgrade. The bristles on hard brooms are stiff that can get the dirt out of the remotest corners and crannies. You can use these brooms to get to the debris hidden in cracks and other corners that are typically unreachable with ordinary brooms.

Hard brooms work as an alternative to a vacuum cleaner because of the strength they offer. Check out for some uber-cool brooms that help in cleaning dirty areas before vacuuming.

#6 FiberGlass Brooms

This one is for all homemakers who are facing troubles with the longevity of their brooms. Brooms with fiberglass handles can typically be more expensive than regular brooms. But they last longer.

Since they are welded, they are much harder to destroy. It’s a good idea to get one of these for your homes since they’re safe and easy to use. Plus, they look stylish too!


One broom rarely does the job. Just like we need different footwear with a change in season, we need a different broom and for a good reason! The above brooms are functional, efficient, and extremely reliable for everyone. All your cleaning woes are now a thing of the past.

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