Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Top Things You Do At Home That Attract Termites

Termites are undesirable visitors to your home. They sneak in, usually setting up their base under your floor, and then enjoy plenty of free meals on the wood in your home.  A colony of termites can devour six inches of 2 x 4 wood in just five months. 

That may not sound a lot but consider how an inch of wood missing in five supporting beams will affect the structural stability of your home.

If you have termites you will need to get professional help quickly. It should be noted that termite bait stations are effective at killing termites. But, they can also be a great way to check whether you have a termite issue. After all, termites are attracted to them, if the bait decreases in volume you will need to suspect you have termites.

Of course, there are several things you do that attract termites to your home. Stop doing the following and it is less likely that you will have a termite issue:

Piles Of Wood

If you have a wood fire then you probably have a woodpile. Even if you don’t have a wood fire, you may have a pile of wood in the garden, perhaps from a tree, you’ve felled. 

Unfortunately, woodpiles attract termites as this is their favorite food and the pile gives them plenty of places to hide. The closer the woodpile is on your home the more likely they are to invade.

Move the woodpile as far away from your house as property or, if you don’t need it, eliminate it;

Leaves & Limbs

Termites need moisture to survive. They can find moisture under your house if you have a leak. It pays to do a water meter reading and to avoid using water for a couple of hours before taking a second reading. If the reading has changed you have a leak that needs sorting.

Other sources of water include leaves on the floor and in gutters, as well as mulch. Eliminating these will reduce the attractiveness of your home.

You should also note that limbs which overhang your home can increase moisture and make it easier for termites to invade. Trim your trees!


If you have mud or grass around the edge of your home you are making it easy for the termites to get in, they will dig mud tunnels in the soil to get to your foundations. You can see the small holes and, if you cover them, they will reappear the next day. 

Concrete the area around your home, covering at least six inches from your house. This makes it much harder for them to get in.


You may not realize it but the clutter inside your home can also attract termites. Although they are generally associated with wood, it is actually cellulose that attracts them. This is present in plants and cardboard. If you have piles of cardboard in your home you will be signaling termites and telling them that your home is a good option for them.  Tidy up straight away.

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