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How to Get Your Home Smelling Fresh with Air Fresheners and Diffusers?

One of the best feelings in the world is walking into your home at the end of the day and you find it smelling absolutely fresh, instantly improving your mood and making you feel ‘at home’. After all, your home is your safe haven. Then, as good homeowners do, it’s natural that you’ll go to all extents that you can to have your home feeling and looking clean and fresh.

Imagine that feeling when you walk to a spa or a five-star hotel? You can easily recreate that kind of relaxing feel in your house. That way, your home indeed becomes your retreat.

But, perhaps today, this can be a little bit difficult to achieve. First off, it’s not every day that you have the time to clean and vacuum your home with all those carpet scents and whatnot. Then, when you’ve got kids and chores and everything else to manage, you can be sure that having your house smell good will always be a challenge.

Add up to that is the fact that the pollution in the air is now more prevalent than ever, it has become pretty much impossible to keep bad odors out so it is no surprise that Home Air Freshener systems are becoming increasingly popular.

Who wouldn’t want to keep their home with at least a clean scent, if not a particularly refreshing aroma? Traditional Sprays and candles are still being used. However, for best and effective results, you are much better off getting an electric air freshener system, like the Reed Diffusers, which are surely life-savers! With very minimal effort on your part, you’re guaranteed to have your home feeling fresh and good for as long as you want it to. Home air fresheners and diffusers will always be worth the cost that you had to pay for them.

To help you along this line, we’ve tried to introduce three of our personal favorites that you may want to try based on your tastes and needs. These are all tried-and-tested, so you’re assured that they’re going to be worth every dollar that you spend on them.

Read through below to learn more about each of these three diffusers.

Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser

Without a doubt one of the best diffusers out there, the Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser is especially useful for stubborn odors and strong smells and leaves your room fresh and smelling great. It works by slowly pumping traces of oil throughout the room and by vibrational sound waves, it creates a soothing mist. Combine that with the LED lighting system and you can have a calm and serene room at the touch of a button.

These totally functional and well-designed air fresheners are absolutely worth your consideration.
For a detailed review on Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser as well as our other recommendations, check out air fresheners reviewed by Barter Design

Housmile Diffuser

The Housmile Diffuser blends in perfectly with your room environment and doesn’t pop out making it subtle yet effective, providing your home with fresh clean scents. Suitable for the entire home, the Housmile Diffuser comes with certain features making it unique and making it worth a mention here.

Functionally, it works just like the Tagital, using sound vibrations to diffuse the essential oils of your choosing and creating a pleasant aroma. But, the features that make it truly stand out are the Ultra Sonic Technology for diffusion keeping the oils undisturbed and reaping you all its’ benefits.

The Housmile is also designed to be very quiet and they also feature a humidifier regulating the quality of air and a built-in time control for the dispersing of the essential oils.

PurEssence Essential Oil Diffuser

For those who are not really looking for a freshener that is subtle and are into something that would rather add to the room, then PurEssence is definitely worth your consideration.

Designed to actually stand out with their unique shape and coloring, PurEssence works in quite a similar way as other diffusers. They also feature a humidifier and several function settings to regulate the air quality providing you with several health benefits and relaxation after a busy day.

Final Word / Conclusion

Essential Oils have been known and proven to be several benefits to the human body and each of these systems mentioned allows you to tap into these benefits at the touch of a button. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to improve the air quality of your home, a good quality electric essential oil diffuser is the way to go.

Rather than being all-too-dependent on commercial sprays that are laden with chemicals, these diffusers use all-natural essential oils, making it a healthier alternative. Not only will you have your home smelling good. But, you’ll also start to see and experience benefits on your health, too. You can sleep better, you’re less anxious, and focus clearly. The best part is you can mix and match your oils according to the mood that you’ll set in your home. With this list, now all that’s left for you to do is to head out shopping.