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Benefits of Using Foam Mattress

Sleep plays an important role for your health. This is the time to repair damaged cells, improve brain function, and boost overall health.

Unfortunately, people are now sleeping less than ever before. Studies have shown that 90 percent of people suffer from sleep problems such as insomnia.

Among the leading causes of sleep deprivation include hormone imbalances, depression, and chronic illnesses.

Interestingly enough, several medical professionals suggest that a mattress can impact the way a person sleeps. This is because a mattress can minimize the pressure points of the body.

This is why you must invest in a high-quality mattress that contributes to how well you sleep.

Origin of Foam Mattress

The foam mattress was first designed in the 1960s for NASA operations. The foam was used in their airplane seats to provide even distribution of bodyweight depending on the body pressure and heat.

Since then, manufacturers have continued to design the foam into mattresses and cushions.

Here are the reasons why you should purchase a foam mattress.

It Ensures Blood Circulation

When you lie on a foam mattress, it compresses due to the weight you place on it. The part you lie on transfers the pressure to the adjacent parts of the mattress, which reduces the resistance by 80%. In return, your blood flow increases, leading to cell regeneration.

When you sleep on a foam mattress in a box, you’ll have more energy to finish your errands without feeling exhausted, have a more active mind, and be healthier overall.

Alignment Support

When you’re working on a computer, you are advised to sit upright and use a supportive chair. This is because you need to maintain your spine’s alignment. However, when it comes to sleeping position, you forget the importance of preserving an aligned spinal line.

You might not experience the effects immediately, but over time, you’ll suffer from painful back and spinal deformities. It is, therefore, essential to choose a foam mattress in a box that keeps your neutral curvature and at the same time maintains the right alignment of your spine.


When you buy a product, you want it to serve you the longest time. The same applies when purchasing a mattress. Purchasing a mattress that you’ll need to replace every three years is not a great financial decision. With a foam mattress, you don’t have to worry about this as you are assured of a lifespan of more than ten years.

Motion Isolation

A couple would understand the effects of motion at different activities. To demonstrate this, when you jump on the foam mattress, the glass of water beside it remains undisturbed because foam mattresses absorb the motion.

Reduced Allergens

Mattresses can be a habitat for dust, mites and other allergen-causing factors. Nonetheless, the foam mattress is designed with dense cellular elements that prevent the absorption of the allergen.


The wide range of advantages of foam mattresses should encourage you to purchase one. But, you have to ensure you source it from a reliable supplier.