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Tips to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re thinking about building outdoor kitchens and cabinetry, there’s much more to keep in mind than just the type of grill you’re buying. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to reimagine your dining experience, enjoy more time outdoors, and share meals with your friends, family, and neighbors. But how does one get started? An outdoor kitchen project can be quite the undertaking so you want to make sure you have a solid plan in mind.

To help you get started, we’re taking a closer look at things to consider when designing your perfect outdoor kitchen. We also offer some practical tips to help you get started. Follow this quick guide and you’ll be enjoying your favorite meal outdoors in no time.

What Do You Want From An Outdoor Kitchen?

Before anything else, you’ll want to think about a deceptively simple question: what kind of outdoor kitchen do you want? This important question will help guide your other concerns and choices. Are you looking to bring a full kitchen to your yard or just a grill or other cooking appliance? Will your outdoor kitchen be set up primarily for cooking and meal prep or do you also want to have a dining space? Should it be spacious enough for the whole family or are you just looking to create a space for a few friends? There is no right answer, of course, as your outdoor kitchen should match your needs and tastes.

Know Your Surroundings

While taking the kitchen outside can offer great advantages, you also want to be mindful of your surroundings. The freedom offered by the outdoors is amazing when designing your kitchen, but it can also bring hazardous weather. But don’t let the rain or snow deflate your dreams of an outdoor kitchen. With the right layout and materials, you can make an outdoor kitchen work in any climate. Just make sure you’re selecting the right building materials to endure the elements of your local environment.

Plan Your Space

The versatility of an outdoor kitchen all comes down to space. The size of your backyard, of course, will play a major role in determining what you can do. Many homeowners, however, have still designed innovative outdoor kitchens with even limited space. What’s most important is that you go in with a clear design plan.

How big do you want your new outdoor kitchen to be? Will you be working from a patio or deck or starting from scratch? These are important questions to consider before breaking ground for your new kitchen space.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Once you have a solid design plan, you can start thinking about how you’ll populate your outdoor kitchen. No kitchen is complete, of course, without a host of appliances. While you certainly don’t need to include everything from your indoor kitchen, there are some essential outdoor kitchen appliances to consider. Here are a few of the most popular for outdoor kitchens all over the country:

1. Grills.

For many homeowners, grilling is the reason you have an outdoor kitchen in the first place. A grill serves as an excellent centerpiece and opens up almost countless meal options for your outdoor dining experience. Some opt for built-in grills while others will prefer grills they can move around the yard. Either way, nothing says summer like spending time outside with your grill.

2. Smokers.

If a grill isn’t your style but you still want to cook out, think about adding a smoker to your outdoor kitchen. Smokers allow you to enjoy your outdoor space at a leisurely pace and still get that perfect meal. Simply set up this outdoor kitchen appliance with your favorite meat selection and let the smoker do the rest.

3. Refrigerator.

Grills and smokers can help you bring the heat to your outdoor kitchen, but what about when you need to cool things down? Having a built-in refrigerator can keep your drinks cool while you’re grilling or spending time around a good meal. It also makes managing and storing your leftovers a whole lot easier.

4. Kegerator.

Not all your beverages need to be lemonade with your new outdoor kitchen. Kick back and enjoy a beer on a hot day with a built-in kegerator. You can stock it with your favorite beer and always have an excuse to have a few good friends over. This kitchen appliance will certainly make your outdoor area stand out.

Add Some Color

Once you’ve established the core of your outdoor kitchen, you can begin making aesthetic choices with accessories. Adding color is an easy way to make this new space feel welcoming and extend your interior design to the outdoors. Consider how chairs and tables can be used not only for their functional purpose, but as part of the overall style. Pillows and blankets are a great way to add color and comfort to your space.

Spending more time outdoors, of course, brings you closer to nature, which can also be a design feature for your outdoor kitchen. Potted plants are a great way to bring a touch of green to your yard. A herb garden is ideal for an outdoor kitchen, too, and can provide fresh herbs for your next meal.

Conclusion – Tips To Design An Outdoor Kitchen

Who said cooking shouldn’t be fun? Families all over the country are enjoying the multiple benefits that only a dream outdoor kitchen can provide. Renovate your entire approach to cooking and dining by moving your kitchen outdoors. Outdoor kitchens can work in any climate and there are multiple creative design options for even those with limited space.

But an outdoor kitchen isn’t a project you should just jump into. Careful planning is needed to ensure you design the right outdoor kitchen for your space, climate, and budget. You’ll also want to keep in mind the type of cooking you’re planning on bringing to your yard so you can select the right outdoor kitchen appliances. Whether you’re grilling, making drinks, or simply enjoying time with friends, an outdoor kitchen is a great place to make some memories.