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5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Windows

The average window in the home is a very attractive thing, when it’s nice, new and shiny. It looks great from the inside, allows a lot of light in, and has very clear glass that allows you to see out well. From the outside, a new window assembly just makes your house look spectacular and gives it that curb appeal that many people think is very important. Though what do you do when your window assemblies are a little aged and out of style? Sure, you could go through with a window replacement, but that’s typically something you should only do when they no longer work well. Perhaps instead of replacing them, you should decorate them and spruce them up. There are limitless ways to go about this.

If you need new windows or professional window repair, then make sure to contact a professional to assist you. Though if all you’re looking for is a way to decorate and to make your window assemblies pop, then we have a few tips for you that might help you out.

5 Quick and Easy Window Decorations

1: Build Around Them

The first tip here is to build up around them. If you have a drab window inside, then inside is where the focus of your aesthetics are going to be. How about you sit a little bench in front of the window, with a few plants on each side, and turn it into a reading space? This basically hides the window, as plain as it is, though also makes it stand out as the centerpiece of your new little reading cubby. Use this sort of tip and decorate around the actual window with anything that meets your style. You’re covering up the plainness while also transforming it into something special.

2: Incorporate Them Into the House

Another thing you can do to decorate boring windows is to incorporate them into the house. What we mean by this is to make them functional. How about hanging a shelf on top of a window inside of the home? Sure, it’s going to be a pretty tall shelf, but there’s nothing wrong with that, and it might actually make things look pretty cool and sleek in there. You now have high shelves in your rooms, where you can sit a wide assortment of things to give the entire room a new look and feel. This is how you incorporate a window into your actual home, instead of just having it hang there as a basic window.

3: Holiday Themes

Another thing you can do with a boring window is to really get into the holiday spirit. There are all sorts of holidays that people celebrate throughout the year. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Halloween, Family Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and dozen of other observed holidays in Canada give you all sorts of opportunities to decorate that window in your home with a theme that really makes it stand out. The coolest thing about this is that you’ll be constantly changing out your themes, so you can get very creative.

4: Exotic Curtains and Shades

Curtains and shades are pretty normal in terms of window dressing, but how about something a little more exotic? You could go with something like bamboo and really stand out in a major way. This is something that’s fresh, new and exciting, and something that you’ve likely never used as a decoration before. It adds a ton of character to the home and can make any window absolutely stand out with style and flash.

5: Go Vertical

Mini-blinds are everyday things for most window assemblies in the home. You’re always going to find someone using blinds, and you probably have a few sets of them yourself. Those horizontal slats can get very boring, however. You could really make that window pop in a big way with vertical blinds, though. Blinds that hang down to the actual floor, long, wide vertical slats; these blinds make your window look very tall and a lot more interesting.

There are all sorts of different ways that you can dress up a window in your home. These are just a few of the many ideas that you could try out. Feel free to go with any sort of decorations you want.