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Types of Streaming: What Are They? Some Tips for Newcomers by Livebeam

Streaming is a great activity for Internet fans who loves to communicate online. That type of communication combines live videos and chatting in one technology. If earlier, streamers were predominantly lovers of video games who wanted to share their gaming experience with other fans  on some special platform like Twitch, then today it’s a mass craze. Streamers could be young IT pros, athletes, celebrities, students or housewives. Everyone, you should know. You can also start your streaming career right now. All you need for this is to register on Livebeam. That’s all.

Well, you should know a little more about the essence of streaming i.e. what types of streams do exist on the Internet. Let’s enclose it taking into account global trends and Livebeam chat members’ experience in streaming.  

What Goals Do Streamers Have?

It is worth first of all to identify the goals of each streamer to understand what types of streams exist. And they can be completely different because some stream for fun and entertainment, while others earn good money on their streams. So what goals can get a person involved in streaming?

  • Making money. This is quite real because today all internet marketers consider streaming to be a cool marketing tool. The fact is that a streamer, even a beginner, gathers an audience. And his live broadcast is listened to and watched by thousands, and sometimes millions of people. What happens if a popular streamer mentions on his live video, for example, that he uses cosmetics of a certain brand? His fans will surely decide to follow his example, and the brand will increase sales. Sometimes streamers collaborate with brands and become their ambassadors, receiving the money to promote their partner. But more often than not, a certain company can simply order an advertisement for a streamer. And he will try to mention the product or service during the stream so that they want to buy it. Well, he will receive money for this.
  • Entertainment. For many, streaming is just fun. Especially if it is a young guy or girl who just likes to chat to the camera, live an ordinary life and constantly holds a smartphone in his or her hands. Partly streamers communicate with their friends in this way, partly they just want to attract attention to themselves. Why not? There are many such streamers on Livebeam, and there are some very interesting characters among them.
  • Communication. If a person lacks live communication, he withers. Even the most reserved introvert needs communication. And text communication in the Internet space does not always give a 100% result. But a stream, during which you can easily chat about something and get feedback from your subscribers and viewers in this regard, is much more convenient and interesting. At least, on Livebeam it is so. Another aspect of streaming that makes this a great hobby option is that you don’t chat with people face-to-face. You can easily imagine how difficult it is to broadcast to a large audience, for example, from the stage. In the stream, this fear is simply not there. You just chat with the camera and follow the reaction of the audience in live chat.
  • Search for friends by interest. Initially, streams united fans of video games, online games and esports. Nowadays, streamers are often surrounded by an audience that shares their hobbies, be it music, games, entertainment, food or fashion.

So the goals of streams often determine the type of stream itself.

What Types of Streams Could You Make on Livebeam?

Now let’s define what types of streams are generally allowed. With rare exceptions (and we will not take into account all sorts of sexually suggestive streams, prohibited content or trash streams because they are illegal and not moral), they are all possible for Livebeam. So what can you stream to your audience?

  • E-sports streams. If you are an avid fan of Counter-Strike or any modern shooter, why not share your enjoyment of the game with others? Show how you skillfully pass level after level, get support from your viewers, acquire fans of your video game reviews. All of this may well become the success of your personality.
  • Gambling. Although gambling is not encouraged in many countries, there are a lot of online casino users. And not everyone comes there for colossal winnings. Many people have enough fun from the game itself. Share this fun with your subscribers, play your favorite slots together. It brings people together.
  • Real-life and streams about it. You can’t even imagine how people are interested in how the other person lives. Especially if you have a zest in your life. For example, you have a big, funny family, you have a cute pet, or you are engaged in some unusual business. Even streams from sports training will cause a stir among sports fans. Take advantage of this and stream yourself directly to Livebeam.
  • Expert streams. For example, you are a professional psychologist, bodybuilder, economist. You can make streaming a way to talk about your profession and about yourself as a specialist. Share professional life hacks, give advice, support newbies. It is likely that at Livebeam, you will meet your potential employer or investor who, after your streams, will want to offer you a lucrative contract.
  • Reviews are another popular streaming category. Are you good at playing games? Do you know how to invest and trade on stock exchanges? Are you a fan of cosmetics or fashion-savvy? Review interesting products, sites, companies. It always attracts a huge audience.
  • Highly specialized streams are those that are targeted at a specific audience. For example, are you a girl who likes sketching? Or a housewife who is interested in chatting with a female audience? Are you a man who wants to talk about politics or cooking? Create streams that will be interesting to people like you. This will help you build a friendly community on Livebeam and make friends. Music, your favorite singer, curling, tarot reading – the subject of your general interest can be anything.

And don’t think that streaming is difficult! On Livebeam, you can start your stream in a matter of moments. So get some inspiration, come up with an interesting conversation topic, and check out Livebeam. Anyone can become a streamer.

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