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Why You Should Drink Coffee

Coffee is among the leading and most popular beverages in the world. It has high levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. The health benefits of coffee have been a long controversial story. The latest scientific research shows the benefits of drinking coffee. 

Single origin coffee has many substances that can help protect against heart and Alzheimer’s disease. These are conditions common in women. Though coffee has caffeine, it also has antioxidants and many other active substances. They all work together to reduce internal inflammation and protect against diseases. 

Here are the benefits of drinking coffee;

It’s a potent source of essential antioxidants

Coffee reveals more antioxidant activities than cocoa and tea, the two antioxidant superstars. Unprocessed coffee beans have over 1000 antioxidants. They develop many more antioxidants during the process of roasting. Many research studies reveal that coffee is a primary source of dietary antioxidants. 

Coffee offers a boost in short-term memory

Coffee affects the specific regions of the brain responsible for concentration and memory. It boosts short-term memory, although it’s still unclear on the duration of the effect. 

In detailed research, volunteers got selected and given a certain amount of caffeine. The fMRI measured the surge in the volunteer’s brain activities. 

In the research, the group that got caffeine had improved reaction times. Their memory skills were better than of those who got the placebo. 

Coffee protects you against cognitive decline

Apart from boosting memory and brain activity, taking coffee prevents cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s disease and many other dementia types cause this decline. Research shows that you should drink between three cups and five cups every day. It will help decrease dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by 65% in later life. 

Coffee is good for your heart

From a landmark Dutch study, it’s evident that moderate coffee drinkers consume two and four cups in a day. They have reduced chances of developing heart diseases up to 20% lower. The percentage is a comparison between non-drinkers, light drinkers, and heavy coffee drinkers. Coffee can also protect the heart against arterial damage that results from inflammation. 

Coffee curbs some diseases

Male coffee drinkers are less prone to aggressive prostate cancer. The Harvard school of public health report shows you should drink at least four cups a day, and you will be able to reduce endometrial cancer in women. Coffee drinking also reduces contracting diseases like breast, colon, rectal, and liver cancers. 

The coffee antioxidant phytochemicals have anticarcinogenic properties. The properties reduce inflammation responsible for certain tumors. 

Coffee boosts exercise performance

Recent studies prove that coffee doesn’t dehydrate people during exercise. Coffee fights fatigue, enabling your body to have more practice. Coffee is an endurance and performance booster. It increases the blood fatty acids and strengthens muscle contraction, which boosts endurance. 

Coffee kills depression

Several studies show that coffee lowers depression rates in men and women. Heavy coffee consumers have fewer chances of having depression. Caffeine activates neurotransmitters that control serotonin, dopamine, and depression. 

Coffee is your favorite livers drink

Consumption of coffee lowers the incidences of alcoholic cirrhosis. Coffee lowers the liver enzymes and thus reducing liver damage and inflammation. 

Coffee fights gout

From Nurse Health Study, consumption of coffee antioxidants reduces the gout risks. Coffee reduces insulin levels that, in turn, lower the uric acid levels in the body. The high concentration of uric acid causes gout in people. 


Coffee is very vital in your health system and your general wellbeing. It will fight diseases and boost your memory. Moderate coffee drinkers take two or three eight-ounce cups every day. Heavy coffee drinkers take four or more cups a day. It’s why these individuals will experience less fatigue in doing physical activities and reap all the benefits associated with coffee drinking. Caffeine concentration in coffee depends on the style and preparation of the beverage. It’s the reason different companies will produce coffee with varying levels of caffeine. Take your cup of coffee today and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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