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Top Signs Your Windows Need Replacements

Now that the summer is officially over and we’re deep into fall, you’re probably starting to winterize your home. The colder weather is just beginning, and the last thing you’ll want is hot air escaping or cold air coming in through faulty windows.

One of the best parts about the fall season is snuggling up with a warm blanket on the sofa, reading a book, or binging your favourite TV series. You wouldn’t want an unnecessary chill from a drafty window to hinder that experience. Have you noticed a change in any of your windows recently? Perhaps you hear more noise from the street than usual or feel colder than you typically do at home. Before the winter hits, ensure that your home’s windows are in perfect shape to enjoy that time on the sofa during the fall and the winter months. Read on to discover some common signs that your windows are damaged and need replacements.

The Window frames are Chipped, Soft or Water Damaged

Are your window frames soft to the touch or chipped? Likely, they’re already beyond repair. Soft frames indicate water infiltration and rot. They may begin to sag if they haven’t already. Instead of repairing them either by yourself or even by a professional, your best bet is to contact a manufacturing and installation company such as Casa Bella Windows & Doors — a company with over 60 years of experience. They’ll consult with you to see what window styles are best suited for your home. They only work with vinyl window frames, which are strong, durable, and last for years.

You Hear Too Much Noise from the Outside

If the windows in your home provide little protection from the outdoors’ sounds, they may not be adequately sealed or were poorly made to begin with. Your windowpanes need insulation with low-E and Argon gas to decrease the level of outdoor noise. These gases are also energy-efficient, which can help save you money on utility bills.

Your Utility Bills are Always Sky-High

Perhaps you haven’t replaced your windows in decades. Your home’s windows may be old and outdated, and you need to replace them with modern energy-efficient models. Energy-efficient windows are designed to keep heat in and cold air out. The right energy-saving windows improve your home’s thermal comfort because they’ll have a low U-factor and weatherstripping designed to seal tightly to reduce air leakage. You won’t have to pay for any heat that escapes through outdated, energy-draining windows.

You Feel Drafts

While it is Halloween season and your imagination might take that spooky chill you just felt to somewhere — supernatural — the chances are that it’s actually from a broken, drafty window. Drafts happen for several reasons, including poor installation, a bad caulking job, and time. Depending on the severity of the situation, you should consider brand new windows to prevent further unwanted drafts and chills. And if you continue to experience bone-chilling drafts even after you’ve replaced your windows? You might want to call in your local ghost medium!!
Get your home ready for the fall and winter and replace your windows before the temperature drops. A beautiful new set of windows can turn a house into a home — bringing in light, heat, and comfort.