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Think Surfing is Expensive? Bust the Myth!

Following a hobby can be joyful. And when it’s a sport, it makes it all the more exciting! There’s so much to consider when you are following your hobby as sport and want to practise the same regularly. But there are expenses to consider too. Most of the times, we hear of really capable persons giving up a sport just because they couldn’t afford its essentials, and the expensive training that it requires.
Like almost all hobbies, surfing too demands initial start-up costs that can scare away the débutantes before they’ve even commenced. The excellent news here is that the wide-open ocean is all you require if you have the initial gear to get going. Surfing is pretty much easy and well within budget in that respect. You can purchase a surfboard and wetsuit, and start straight away without much ado if you live within a short distance of a good beach.

How can you surf without investing much?

We know surfing is assumed to be an expensive sport; but in reality, it totally depends on you how you take it up! If you think you can learn the same without shelling much from your pocket (and are determined to do so), there are innumerable options to make the task easy for you. Just follow the below guidelines and enjoy surfing within your budget:

Cheap or free surfing lessons — Surfing is an amazing sport. It is all about balancing your body. But this balancing on waves can be too difficult to learn for beginners. And that is why the training for the same doesn’t come cheap. There can be various sessions of the lessons for it, and each can be tough on your wallet. You can try learning the same by observing the surfers on the ocean – but you have to be regular at it and possess minute observation prowess. If you have good swimming skill, you can go and follow them too — but by taking baby steps. There are also numerous videos on the internet teaching you how to balance yourself on the surfboard without a teacher. You can also consider learning the same through some acquaintance ready to teach you (even if it is against an economic remuneration).

Considering surfboard options — Surfboard is of primary importance if you want to learn surfing or practise it! Without it, you just can’t imagine swaying on the waves. These surfs are available in a wide range of style and price depending upon the various specifications. There’s no point in buying a shorter one if it couldn’t suit your purpose just because the surfboard is cheaper price wise. Choose what you shall use – this would save you money in the long term. You could instead opt for renting the same. These boards are available in all kinds and shapes for rental purpose on every beach. And if you want to have your personal surfboard, you can consider buying second hand surfboards in UK from Board Barn. They have these in all varieties and in excellent condition. You can just pick your choice from the available options and surfing would fit in your budget smoothly.

Swimwear varieties — It is a common misconception that surfers need to invest a good sum on some extravagant wetsuit for surfing. Just a normal swim suit can also serve the purpose unless the weather is too cold for it. But even if the weather is extreme, you can even go for swimsuits that are of slightly thicker material and can protect you from sunburn or too much chill. Even these wetsuits or swimsuits are available for hire in some of the beaches for surfing purpose (not to mention the availability of gently used or preowned ones!).

  • Your surfing location— As said above, surfing just requires a good surfboard and some waves to enjoy. So, when you are thinking of the budget factor, you even have to consider the beaches and the distance that you will have to cover on a daily or weekly basis to reach there. If your home is near the sea, you automatically aren’t going to be spending much in surfing. But, it you are travelling for the same, this requires a good amount for the commuting. Unfortunately, you can’t save much in this procedure. You have to settle with whatever suitable beaches (that are fit for beginners) you have in your vicinity to cut down the travelling expenses.

Surfing can be an exhilarating sport and you need not be a billionaire or an expert to try and learn it, and then enjoy it. Just some few wise steps in getting those gears and a little learning thirst from your side can make you a good surfer and that too without investing much!

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