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The Advantages of Spending Your Holiday on the Water

Organising holidays can be a pretty daunting task to do. You have to think about so many things. The accommodation, transportation and itinerary are just the tip of the iceberg. The list is endless. More often, you end up going to the same places out of convenience. But that is about to change. What if you could tick those three things, mentioned above, from the list with just one phone call? Well, if you are interested, then you need to ask yourself one more question. Have you ever thought about renting a motor yacht for your holidays? Let’s find out if it is an option you should consider.


Listen, once you visit a hotel with low-quality beds and food, you do not want to repeat that experience ever again. Fortunately, if you choose to spend your vacation on the water, you are the captain of both. There are plenty of small ships or yachts to choose from. You will, for sure, find one that will meet all your requirements. No more bags to carry around, no more public transportation, just you, your loved ones and a calm endless pool of water. And peace is something you want and need during your holidays.


The most beautiful thing about spending holidays on the water is the freedom that comes along this type of journey. When you are sailing, you explore the world around you to the fullest without any interruption or plans. You can wake up with a different view and in a new place every single day. Your vacation doesn’t need to have a schedule. You are a free-spirit. It is also a bonding experience for your family that you wouldn’t get in any hotel. You are all free to enjoy your favourite activities and change your environment frequently, which keeps the excitement up during your holiday. Also if you want to expand your vacation time to one more day, no problem, sailing is one of the most flexible options of holidays out there.


It seems that privacy is achievable only on water. Why is that? Because you don’t have neighbours, receptionists, tons of other people in the same place as you are, it is just you and your family. You don’t have to be quiet. You can do just as you please, as long as you get along with the sea or the ocean. The only rule concerning the water is to respect the environment. Other than that, sailing offers all the privacy and intimacy in the world. You can even make yourself invisible to humans when you explore the deep waters. The choice is yours, you can adjust the level of privacy to your liking, and that is something only sailing can provide.

Value to money ratio

Traditionally, sailing is perceived as an expensive way to spend holidays. But that is not necessarily the truth. Of course, there are yachts valued at millions, but do you really need to make the news during your vacation for having the biggest boat? There are plenty of affordable renting sites in many locations that you can find online. Once you see their pricing, you will know how much money you wasted last time you booked a hotel for your family. With all the advantages of choosing on water holidays, the price is not only reasonable but attractive. Usually, you pay the amount that is written in the offer, no additional fees or charges like in a hotel. And your food, entertainment, drink and most importantly shore excursions are mostly taken care of. Croatia seems to be a pretty cheap destination, so you might want to go there your next vacation.

An experience like no other

Sailing is a perfect occasion to learn new skills. Learning how to sail provides you with a new set of skills and a sense of fulfilment. There is nothing like becoming a real captain of your boat. Hotels, crowded cities, these are all boring and possibly stressful options. Spending a holiday on the water is an experience that you will never forget, and never repeat in the same way. Water changes, climate as well, every year will make you add new precious memories to your collection. If you are really into it, you can dedicate your life to visiting the most shores and islands possible.

Sailing is not the obvious choice when it comes to holiday planning, but it should be. If you value privacy, comfort and freedom, sailing is the perfect option for you. Holidays on the water are not so expensive and will bring you experience like no other, so what are you waiting for? Check out the offers available and book a sea adventure for your next vacation. Let your holidays be finally thoroughly relaxing and peaceful. See you on the deck, captain!