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Is MMA Betting Popular in Texas?

MMA, an abbreviation for ‘mixed martial arts’ merges tactics from wrestling, boxing, Karate, judo, and BJJ as well as other martial arts, are combined to create a fusion sport. It started out as a brutal sport with very few rules, but it has since grown and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing sport to watch that is dominating the 21st Century

People in Texas are utterly hooked on this testosterone-ridden sport; throwing punches, kicks and any other primordial action besides biting is accepted in the ring. UFC ( the sports league which hosts MMA events) acts as a solace in a world beset by a great recession. Spectators can imagine they’re walking in the shoes of these MMA fighters, through brief fights that act like the Jenga of the board game world- it’s over before you know it. 

Bettors setting their sights on their favorite fighters and wagering on them is most definitely high in the popularity ranks. This may come as a surprise given their strict betting regulations. So, how are Texas residents betting on this grizzly sport? 

Texas, Betting and Offshore Sportsbooks

When the supreme court states ruled in favor of legalizing sports betting, certain states jumped at the chance. Things move much more slowly in Texas, and the outlook for the near future is bleak. The government has yet to approve legislation that would allow people of the state to participate in sports. Sports betting is still possible in Texas, though, as certain bookies allow customers from the Lone Star State.

When it comes to betting there are plenty of offshore sportsbooks which accept wagers from TX residents according to our trusted sources. Texans generally opt for this option as it allows them to bet on MMA from the comfort of their home without needing to travel to a neighboring state. On top of this, these offshore sportsbooks feature some of the greatest UFC fighters across a vast betting market, so bettors can be rest assured knowing they’ll always have someone to bet on and possibly gain some extra bonuses from. 

What Kind of Bets Do Texans Make? 

In UFC betting, there are three basic sorts of wagers. These include; round betting, money lines, and the method of victory. Besides this, there are also parlay bets. In the coming sections, we will be explaining the most popular UFC wagers that Texans generally go for when betting on MMA.

The Moneyline Bet

You bet on the outcome of a UFC fight by placing a moneyline bet on the top MMA athletes you think will triumph. Each fighter is given odds by the sportsbook, with one opponent being the frontrunner and the other oppose being the underdog. The ‘ Pick ’em’ odds is a type of wager in which the odds are equal for two equally matching opponents.

Round Betting

These bets are made by placing a wager on whether or not a certain UFC fight would take longer than the sportsbooks stated UFC time limit. Say the bettor is getting ready to watch the upcoming Shane Burgos vs Charles Jourdain match, and 1.5 rounds are set to have odds of -200 when under and +275 when over, then the punter would need to bet $200 in order to win half that on a fight that does not last two rounds. If the fighter in the match lasts more than two rounds then the bettor would need to make a wager of $100 or more to win greater cash on that particular contestant. 

The Method of Victory

The sportsbooks create odds for the possible results which could occur in this kind of bet. There are a couple of ways that a fight could come to a close; be it through a decision that is ruled by the majority, a split, or else is unanimous, alternatively, it could be a tie, a KO/TKO, or the final alternative- one of the fighters admits defeat and taps out. 

Parlay Betting 

When mixing wagers on many bouts in order to increase winnings, bettors are making a parlay bet. A parlay bet offers a greater return on investment when betting on UFC bouts. The disadvantage of placing a combination bet is that you risk losing all of your money if you choose the incorrect battle. 

Finding big favorites that bettors are certain will prevail and afterward counterbalancing with a couple of bouts where the underdog seems safe as a bet when parlaying a UFC bet is one of the thrills that make MMA betting so popular in Texas.  It is possible to win $900 on a four-fight parlay in which $100 was staked on the underdogs in each of the four fights (the favorites were -500, -600, +150, and -200, respectively). A single wager on each of these bouts would have returned a profit of $386.67 on a $100 wager.

Next Moves for Texas Betting

Legalized sports betting in Texas has a large and enthusiastic following, especially when it comes to MMA. In fact, just like the Weekly Roundup Podcast, there are many other podcasts and television programs that cover MMA in full detail. The next step would be to make sure that a referendum is submitted to the people of Texas in 2023 which will see a great turn of events for the access to betting in Texas. Until then, offshore betting is a great option for MMA fans in Texas.

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