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How to Take Care of Your Newly Installed Flooring

Flooring installation is always a good idea since newly installed flooring not only looks wonderful, but is durable, too.

Plus, maintaining and taking care of it is simple and easy which only adds up to the above mentioned pros.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the best tips for keeping your flooring in a perfect and beautiful shape for years. That way you won’t need to keep hiring flooring installation companies over the years.

So without further ado, here they are:

1. Using A Microfiber Mop For Cleaning Up

Whenever you decide to clean up, always use a microfiber mop. This type of mop easily glides across the floor, picking up everything, even pet hair, without any difficulties.

Moreover, a swiveled head of a microfiber mop ensures efficient cleaning of large areas. It is even able to easily go under tables and chairs as well.

The mop also requires relatively less water for cleaning the floor which is good because flooring may bend when it gets exposed to too much water.

2. Picking Concentrated Cleaners

When it comes to a variety of cleaning products for flooring, it is better to always use concentrated cleaners.

And as already mentioned above, you should avoid using cleaners which require adding water to the floor.

3. Avoid Using Vacuum Cleaners Which Contain The Beater Bar

If you prefer using a vacuum cleaner for your flooring, you need to avoid using the one which contains a beater bar because it may damage the flooring.

Moreover, try sweeping with the broom in the direction of the laid floor. This will help you to collect the dust which gets stuck in between the grooves.

4. Putting Down Protective Floor Mats And Pads

To better protect your newly installed flooring, it’s better to place protective pads under your furniture.

Additionally, consider purchasing high-quality floor mats at entrances and exits.
The mats will effectively collect oil, sand, asphalt, dust as well as grit which may damage the flooring.

It’s also preferable to place rugs and mats in high-traffic areas near vanities, stoves, and
kitchen sinks for reducing the wear-and-tear on the floor.

5. Using Ice For Cleaning Gum And Wax

If you wish to try cleaning candle wax or chewing gum from the flooring, you need to harden all the spots by using ice.

However, ensure that the ice won’t melt too much because it may introduce water to a surface.

Then, you also need to try using a plastic scraper for removing them from your floor but be careful to not scratch the surface whilst using it. Well, if you go too much scrap and want to cash it then a company like Trans Metal will help you make money with your scrap.

And finally, proceed by wiping an area clean with the damp cloth.

Final Thoughts

By following the above mentioned tips, you will ensure that your flooring will be looking great whilst being in its best possible conditions for years.

And routine maintenance will assist you in avoiding damage to the flooring.
As for taking care of the flooring, you should always avoid using polish, oil, wax, and shine enhancers as well as detergents and varnish.

Also, never try to use steam cleaners, power cleaners or spray mops as they may damage your flooring as well.