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Elimination of mimic wrinkles

Everyone knows that the most prevalent age-related changes in the face are folds. All people develop mimic wrinkles with age. Singer Madonna, who is already 63 years old, denies that there is a merit of doctors in her beauty. However, experts have a slightly different opinion and believe that the singer still did several procedures, thanks to which she dropped more than ten years.

For example, facial surgeon Dr. Andrew Douglas is confident that Madonna had Botox injections. “Her front looks suspiciously smooth without the wrinkles that are typical of women of this age.” He says.

What are Botox and Dysport shots?

Why are they the most popular type of facial wrinkle removal today?

After Botox injections, only those lines that have formed as a result of the activity of the facial tissues disappear. Immobile wrinkles and the consequences of age-related skin stretching cannot be smoothed out with Botox injections. Combined are also not the strongest side of Botox and Dysport. But we also have authority over them.

Best-corrected with Botox and Dysport:

  • smooth lines on the front;
  • vertical folds on the bridge of the nose;
  • fold on the back of the nose;
  • crow’s feet at the corners of the sights;
  • purse-string wrinkles around the mouth.

The drug is injected beneath the skin with thin, short needles, previously using local anesthetics for pain relief. The whole procedure takes 15-20 minutes and does not require the patient to be disconnected from the workflow. The procedure consists in injecting Botox or Dysport into the active points of the muscle to relax it. The needle is inserted under the skin, then, to make the wrinkle more pronounced, the patient is asked to frown. The toxin is injected while the needle is withdrawn.

After the procedure, the folds are smoothed out for several days. After 7-14 days, the full result becomes visible. The effect lasts on average 6 months, after which the folds gradually return to the state in which they were before the treatment. Therefore, the procedure is recommended to be repeated.

The Dysport drug by Ipsen (France) inappropriate dosages is analogous to Botox in terms of action and duration of the effect obtained, so find the best place to buy botox online.

Botox in small doses relaxes overactive tissues that induce the formation of wrinkles of shifted eyebrows, frontal, purse-string wrinkles nearby the mouth, etc.

It is a purified botulism toxin sort A manufactured by Allergan (USA). It is approved for use by the US Drug Administration and the Russian Ministry of Health. It has been used in neurological practice for many years, and its action is reversible and safe.

Contraindications to the administration of Botox and Dysport drugs

They are:

  • myasthenia gravis;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • hepatitis;
  • allergic reactions to the drug;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • taking antibiotics-aminoglycosides and erythromycin, as well as other drugs that can enhance the effects of the toxin.

In the acute stages of various diseases, injections are postponed until recovery.