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5 Signs That Your Girlfriend Will Be a Great Wife

When you have a romantic affair, you are likely to notice only the appearance of your partner without paying much attention to her inner world. But things become different when you’re dating a girl which may become a future wife. If you want to start a family, you should realize personal characteristics are more important than just a pretty face and sexy body shape. Our team from Ukraine Matchmaking Service has prepared a list of 5 signs that your girlfriend will be a great wife. Keep them in mind before making a proposal to your significant other.

1.She is a Self-Sufficient Woman

If you feel your girlfriend is waiting for a knight in shining armor who can easily solve her problems, it’s a bad sign. In this case, you’ll be obliged to satisfy all her whims.

If a woman is independent, and she doesn’t need somebody to rely on, it’s a good sign. Of course, ladies are feminine and fragile. Sometimes they want to feel vulnerable. But a self-sufficient girl treats you as a partner, not a nanny. She is confident and ready to make decisions. This kind of woman rather let men be manly than vitally need this.

Two independent partners are a foundation of a healthy relationship. However, either man and woman give the necessary emotional and financial support when it’s needed.

2.She is Calm

Your girlfriend will be a great wife if she doesn’t make trouble for anything. Conflicts and arguments are an inevitable part of family relations. This is absolutely natural and even good for establishing closer links with each other. However, it’s not healthy if your girlfriend becomes frustrated by every minor misunderstanding. In other words, positive thinking is a good trait for a future wife. Her positive attitude to life reflects well both on you and your family connections. In tough times this ability will guard your couple from stress.

We don’t say she shouldn’t show her emotions at all. No way! Conversely, she must be emotional and talk about her feelings.

3.She is Easy-Going

How would you know if your girlfriend is fit for marriage? Look at her personal characteristics and the way she behaves during the dating period. Being easy-going means to be relaxed and not be too demanded of material goods.

If you ask your girlfriend for a date, and she spends hours to get ready, it shows she pays excess attention to her appearance. She always needs something new: perfume, clothes, shoes, or whatever. This is a high-maintenance girl who requires rather your wallet than you. What will she do when you won’t be able to pay for all this beauty stuff?

We don’t want to say that women shouldn’t take care of themselves. They definitely should, because we, men, love well-groomed females. However, grooming should be without excessive effort.

4.You Feel Her Support

They say there is a wise woman behind every successful man. And it’s the absolute truth. Your girlfriend will be a great wife if she supports both your career and personal life goals. A perfect spouse understands that you as a bread-earner want to achieve more in life. Hence, she won’t thwart your progress. If needed a wise wife gives you a piece of useful criticism or some advice.

The ideal match is when you and your significant other have similar personal goals or when they complement one another. In this case, we state with confidence that you as a couple are doomed to success.

5.She Likes Kids

Let’s face it, if you have serious intentions and want to get marry a girl, you would like to know how she is in the capacity of a mother for your future children. Your girlfriend will be a great wife if she likes kids. Just answer several questions:

  • Does she have younger brothers or sisters?
  • What is her relationship with her parents?
  • How does she react when she notices a happy couple with a newborn?

Her responses will help you to understand her attitude toward children. This is a really essential issue because sooner or later you’ll decide to become parents.