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Beginner’s Guide On How To Choose The Right Bong

Using a bong is something exciting for people who are trying it for the first few times. It is a whole new experience, but the task of choosing the right kind of bong can be daunting. It takes research and careful consideration of the pros and cons as well as your own taste, preference, and lifestyle. You should be looking into a guide that will help you make a perfect choice.


Bongs may look so different from one another because of the different styles which are the size, color, and material used. There are beaker styles that produce great volume while giving off lesser smoke. If you want a bong that can produce a dense smoke that can clear quickly, then you should go for a straight tube. Concentrate smoking will go well with recyclers bong. Beginners are recommended to buy a beaker or straight one for easier and more convenient use. For easy maintenance and cleaning of a bong, you should choose one that is easy to clean because unkempt bongs can harbor bacteria and other harmful substances. Sizes vary on how you prefer to carry your bong. There are travel sizes for constant movements while there are bigger ranges that are highly recommended by most users. Color may depend on your personal choice because it does not have a direct effect on the performance of the bong, purely for aesthetics only.


The quality of a bong heavily depends on the materials used to create it. One of the things you have to consider is the thickness of the glass. Thicker glasses are always more durable and can be used for when you are traveling as they can endure impact and movement. It is okay to forego thickness if you perceive that you are only going to use the bong in a much safer place. This detail is very important to take note of when you shop for shop bongs online because you are unable to make the assessment yourself. Even the other accessories that you buy should be of high quality because it does not just ensure the experience but assures durability for longer usage as well. Thinner glasses can cause harm to a person if it breaks easily against low impact and high temperature.


A lot of beginners are hesitant to spend a lot on their first apparatus, but one should not sacrifice in favor of cheaper bongs. Paying for better products has a lot of perks including durability, value, and easy usage. There are a lot of fairly priced bongs on the market which are great for beginners. You can also look for promos and sales, which can afford you great quality bongs for a discounted price.

Your first bong can give you a great introduction into the perks of using one for your pleasure. Choosing the right style for you, the perfect quality all for the right price is also an exciting journey itself. You will have an advantage with the knowledge of all of these considerations in search of that one bong for you.

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