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7 Best Cities for History Buffs Around the World

History can be captivating — especially when it’s directly under your feet. Discover the best historical cities around the world here.

Are you a history buff looking for the vacation of a lifetime? There are so many amazing cities around the world that can teach you so much about different historical events, figures, and architecture. Keep reading for more information on some of the best historical cities for a trip, so that you can start planning yours today!

1. Athens, Greece

Because Athens was already a prominent city in 1400 B.C., it’s a great place for any history buff to explore. This city also had a huge impact on the Western world as it’s been inhabited for over 7,000 years. This city had a major impact in shaping so many areas, from drama to literature, science, and philosophy.

Due to it’s long and interesting history, it’s a great place for sightseeing famed historical landmarks. Thousands visit this location to take in ancient temples, like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, as well as the Parthenon.

Due to its roots in the arts, this city is thriving with entertainment, such as live music and theater. It’s a bustling metropolis with plenty of commerce, making it a great place for shopping and exploring.

2. Boston, USA

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S., and it’s home to the oldest University, Harvard. This city was historically the home to America’s elite intellectuals. Boston upholds this tie to education and is home to most colleges of all the U.S. states.

Exploring all the historic universities is pleasant, and the city has many other historical attractions. The city was a key area in the backdrop of the Revolutionary War and many of the key events that would alter the course of history forever.

The city has preserved much of its original layout, making for a thriving city that is still deeply rooted in its history. Shop and eat along their cobblestone streets and observe their New-England style buildings for days of outdoor fun.

3. Cairo, Egypt

As one of the world’s first cities to build in efforts to create an urban center, this city is home to 22 million people. One of the biggest cities in the world, Cairo has chaotic city streets that are surprisingly close to the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. For some historical sites, visit their tombs that are 4,500 years old.

Visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities that has an impressive collection from the Nil’s earliest inhabitants. The area is also great for art lovers, as they have a rich tie to Islamic art. Visit the university in this bustling city, which is one of the oldest in the world.

4. Rome, Italy

When visiting Rome, there are so many historical sites to see that it can be overwhelming, so it’s best to find a good tour so that you can beat the long lines and crowds. Perhaps the most popular site that the city boasts is the Colosseum. This 2,000-year-old stadium is at the center of the city and could seat 50,000 spectators for often bloody battles in the days of the gladiator.

Other sites to visit are the Vatican, the Forum, and the catacombs. Enjoy authentic Italian food and fine wines, and take walks around the ruins of this ancient city.

5. Kyoto, Japan

This city is a great place for a history buff to visit in Japan, as it still holds strong ties to ancient cultural practices. Here, you can take part in these activities, such as Zen Garden raking and tea ceremonies. Kyoto has been the capital city for over 1,000 years and has still found a way to preserve its ancient traditions.

There are thousands of Buddist temples to explore, and the Nijo Castle is a site that attracts thousands of tourists a year. The castle dates back to 1603 and was luckily untouched during the bombing of World War II.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

This city brings in thousands of tourists with its aura of majesty and mystery. This Incan citadel sits 8,000 feet high in the Andes, making it an emblem of the Incan people’s achievements.
When Peru was conquered by the Spanish, the ancient city was hidden from them, and the vast complex of ruins was not revealed to the outside world until 1911. The ruin’s significance is still largely unknown, though the layout of the building seems to reflect the Incan’s sophisticated knowledge of astronomy. Yet, archeologists still cannot figure out how they gained this knowledge.

The mystery behind this archeological wonder is perhaps what draws so many to see it, as it is one of the wonders of the world. The city is surrounded by lush, exotic gardens making for an amazing escape.

7. Petra, Jordan

This city lies between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea and has been inhabited since the earliest days of humanity. In 300 BC the rulers of the Nabatean Kingdom took rule over the city, building it out by carving exquisite structures into the red sandstone cliffs that surround the city.

No cars are allowed in this ancient city, adding to its historic aura. If you don’t want to walk, the only other transportation options are camels and donkeys.

Historical Cities History Buffs Will Love

If your a history buff looking to book your next great vacation, consider one of these impressive historical cities. With these amazing spots that are home to such historical sites, there is something for every history lover to learn and explore.

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