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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Home Renovation Process

Are you a responsible homeowner? Some people consider their homes to be a shelter above their heads, while others have turned them into a haven of comfort. Despite all the efforts you put into keeping the house in shape, renovations and repairs are inevitable. Sooner or later, you would notice chirping paints, water dripping from the ceilings, and rusty hardware. Before these things turn your house into a mess, plan a renovation spree and give a fresh makeover to your house. 

However, the entire renovation process can be pretty challenging and stressful. There would be lots of dust, chaos, noise, and strangers walking around in your personal place. Additionally, you might also experience space constraints since all the furniture would be lying in different corners. In short, the renovation project can drastically interrupt your lifestyle for several weeks. 

Luckily, you can reduce the trouble and stress by learning how to renovate the house in a systematized way. You can get in touch with the contractor, allocate a renovation budget, and arrange necessary equipment to reduce costs. If you are wondering where to begin, have a look below. Here are five tips to have a stress-free home renovation process. 

1. Set A Budget

Undeniably, the most challenging part of home renovation is allocating a reasonable budget. You have to consider the cost of material, equipment, tools, and the hourly rate of contractors. Also, you have to account for the cost of renovation licenses and permits. Perhaps, you may want to hire movers, cleaners, or interior designers for additional work. These expenses can be pretty costly, so make sure to include them in the budget. 

In case you don’t have enough funds for the renovation, consider financing options. You can look up home renovation loans from banks with minimal interest rates. Don’t forget to add the additional costs of safety equipment that you might need when visiting the construction site or part of your house that is being renovated. It is best to stock up all the necessary safety gear to minimize the chances of injuries and accidents. You can grab dust masks or respirators to guard the lungs. Likewise, safety glasses and side shields can help you protect the eyes.

2. Find a Reputable Contractor

Many homeowners think of starting a DIY renovation project, but it can get pretty hectic in today’s bustling schedule. Hence, look for reputable contractors who are willing to take up the project within the given budget. Before searching for contractors on the internet, look for reliable referrals. You can ask your friends, colleagues, or siblings who have recently gotten their homes renovated. 

Otherwise, you can check local ads and companies that are offering similar services. It doesn’t mean you can trust a captivating website; instead, you have to dig deeper. Look up for reviews on social media forums and groups to ensure you are hiring a credible person. Remember to always appoint people with proven records and experience to eliminate the likelihood of mistakes. 

3. Be Upfront About Your Plans

Most contractors prefer working in a vacant property to complete projects swiftly. If you aren’t planning to move out during the renovation, inform the builder beforehand. Also, tell them about your routine and family, whether you work from home or have kids in the house. It will encourage the contractor to make a renovation plan and progress with things smoothly. You can also section off an area such that your workers may use to keep their equipment.

While you and your family can prefer staying in the study room when the living room and bedroom are getting renovated. Since you will have to keep moving this way for a couple of weeks, the contractor will set you up with a sink and portable cooking area. Nevertheless, you have to regularly clean your home to reduce the likelihood of dust allergies. 

4. Declutter the House

Another big part of the stress will most likely come from all the clutter and mess inside the house. You might notice the workers climbing over your exquisite sofas with paint dripping on the exclusive artwork. Before the renovation process damages your furniture, clear out the home. You have to empty the closets, move out all furniture, and remove the artwork from the walls. 

Also, you can take out the curtains and blinds from the windows to avoid any paint stains on them. You can stuff all furniture in a room or rent a storage unit. For all the things you can’t move, cover them with plastic sheeting and seal them with tapes. Usually, the contractors help move furniture and decluttering the house, but it is always wise to clear out everything beforehand. In addition to speeding the process, you won’t have to worry about damages. 

5. Set Aside A Contingency

Renovations are pretty expensive, and at times, many contractors exceed the given budget. Unfortunately, these money worries turn out to be a potential source of stress. To avoid this, you have to keep a close eye on your budget while the renovation is underway. You have to keep reminding the contractor about costs to ensure he/she doesn’t exceed the budget. Above all, you have to set aside a contingency amount for any unforeseen expenses that might arise during the renovation. 

Perhaps, the flooring might get damaged because of all the traffic, or the painters may require more paint buckets. You can calculate 10% of the total cost and put that money away as your contingency fund. In case your property is old, there can be additional uncovered issues; hence it would be best to increase the contingency fund to 20%-30%. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, renovation can be pretty exhausting and stressful, but everything becomes effortless if you do things the right way. Therefore, allocate a budget for the renovation project and consider all contingencies to avoid overspending. Similarly, look for reputable contractors and get all the material to expedite the renovation process. In addition to keeping your stress levels low, proper planning ensures renovation happens smoothly without any setbacks. 

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