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5 Most Common Mistakes That Damage Your Mattress and Ultimately Your Health

There will always be mornings when you just can’t get out of your bed and stay in there for as long as possible. This is because of the wonderful peace and comfort that your mattress gives you while you lie cuddling your soft pillows. That is quite normal— particularly on days when the rain just won’t stop from pouring— a perfect setting for cuddling!

The point is, our bed is our only comfort from the outside stress and we all want our mattresses to last forever. But that is not always the case. Discover some seemingly harmless routines which can damage your comfort zone. So, before you tuck yourself under your comfy sheets, consider these 5 mistakes that are most definitely ruining your bed mattress.

1. Skipping The Mattress Pad

This is a big no-no for mattresses that people somehow still do. A mattress protector or pad is very important since it absorbs moisture and will keep your mattress from getting stained.
Did you know that leading manufacturers of mattresses usually include “stain exclusion” clauses in their warranties? So, you might want to avoid your mattress’ warranties being void. Moreover, when you allow your mattress to become stained or wet, it can damage its upholstery and promotes mildew and mold to grow in the area of your home where you spend almost 1/3 of your time.

2. Jumping, Standing And Even Sitting On Your Mattress

You’ve seen movies where characters throw a pajama party and just jump up and down on the bed throwing pillows everywhere. Seems like a fun thing to do, right? Well, it may fun for you, but if your mattress can only talk it would cry “stop” out loud.


There are a place and time for everything. And this pretty much talks for itself in the aspect of what your bed mattress is ought to serve you as. And no, unfortunately, your mattress can’t double as a trampoline for your fun. It is just not made to be jumped or stand on.

The padding layers in innerspring mattresses might be forced to the springs, resulting in a lumpy and less supportive bed over time. Memory foams mattresses, on the other hand, can tear and break when it is subjected to force. Mattresses are not just designed to absorb sharp impacts.

Furthermore, it is also not advisable to sit on the edge of your bed. This causes your mattress to sag around the edges. It will not be so flat and comfortable to lie down once it becomes sag. So, just take a couple of steps and sit on the chair instead. It is better for your posture anyway.

Unless you are eager to replace your bed, then avoid these habits of yours.

3. Leaving Your Mattress To The Same Position You Installed It

If you want your mattress to last longer, then you need to rotate your mattress about every six months and never leave it exactly in the same position for the rest of its life.
So, why should you that?

This is to minimize body impressions and ensure that your bed is more comfortable even after a long time.

4. Ditching The Bed Frames

It is never a good idea to let your bed rest without a proper support. A proper supporting frame can help in distributing weight evenly on your mattress. Without the proper foundation, your mattress has a good shot at bowing, sagging or worse, breaking.

5. Forgetting To Clean Your Mattress

You might not think of using your vacuum to your mattress, but you should. You need to regularly give it a clean sweep every now and them in order to keep dust from accumulating into the mattress.
Forgetting To Clean Your Mattress
If you don’t, then dust is the least of your problem. Bed bugs are real— these mites live by eating dead skin cells, and your mattresses are the best home they have. Furthermore, if you have pets that you love to cuddle with, then it only increases the population of pests and mites that might be living in your mattress— which can also cause your family to sneeze every night.


If you want your mattress to last a long time, then you need to start avoiding habits that will ultimately ruin your mattress. The best mattress can give you the best sleep time and will continue to do so, if only you know how to properly take care of it.