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Top 3 Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

The health movement has finally made its way to pet food and natural dog treats have graced the industry. For too long, our four-legged friends have been fed with undesirable (and overprocessed) mystery meats. Most kibble is little better than fast food and made with junk like artificial additives or filler products. The effects? Obesity, lethargy, and a host of other problems that can shorten your furry friend’s life span. While there are a host of reasons why dog owners should make the switch, here are the 3 main benefits of natural dog treats.

1. Stronger Bones & Muscles

The most obvious benefit is nutrition. Nature and nutrition go hand in hand, and natural dog treats inherently use wholesome, unprocessed ingredients. Since these ingredients stay in a purer form, they retain much more of their original nutrients. If you find any vitamins or nutrients on a processed dog treats label, they’ve likely been artificially added. Unnatural dog treats are heated, frozen, boiled, pureed, mixed and mashed to such a degree that the original nutrients are often destroyed.

2. Easier Digestion

It’s proven that artificial substances are harder to digest. Things like preservatives, chemicals, and hormones can negatively impact how food passes through the stomach and wreak havoc on your gut bacteria. These can negatively impact the movement, speed, and flow of food through the digestive tract. TA simple way to think of it is that the less processed the food, the less energy it takes the body to break it down. The more thoroughly food is broken down, the easier time your dog will have using the bathroom.

3. Fresher Dog Breath

The majority of natural dog treats are protein-based. They are commonly made from bone, muscle, skin, and cartilage from cattle, pork, and occasionally hare. Using unique preparation methods, these chews are deliberately kept as close to their natural form as possible. The result is a naturally hardened exterior that can withstand hours of chewing. So where do the dental benefits come in? As dogs chew, bite, crunch, and gnaw, the rough exteriors scrape away plaque and tartar on dog’s teeth. Making for deliciously sneaky ways to keep dogs entertained and their breath fresh.

Natural Dog Treats are a No-Brainer

Just because a dog will eat almost anything, doesn’t mean that they should. Natural is always better – even when it comes to treats. While there is no shortage of benefits when choosing less-processed doggie snacks, each of those adds up to an overall happier and longer life for your pooch.

Providing them with treats that have high-quality nutrients intact means their bodies are stronger and healthier. When a dog’s food is easily digestible and made without artificial ingredients, their likelihood of obesity goes down as well. All of this translates to many more years of fetch, walks, and trips to the park.

Natural dog treats are both tastier and better for them and surprisingly affordable. Big Lu makes artisanal dog treats and prides themselves on their hand-crafted 100% natural chews. Discover the difference that all-natural dog treats make; your dog (and their vet) will thank you.