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Reasons to Use Japanese Skin Care Routine

Japan has many wonderful skin care formulas and beauty products. You might notice that Japanese women seem so young always. They have the special formula ingredients that keep the skin soft and younger looking. The Japanese have emphasizing sun protection, multiple moisturizing layers and hydrating and special nourishing philosophy that made their skincare formula one of the world’s best formulas.

Basically, cleansing, treating with a serum, lotion hydration and removing makeup with boiled water is the basic formulas of Japanese skin care. These formulas work so well are the Japanese skin care formulas are becoming popular day by day after came to the light a few years ago. The people of beauty world are getting attracted to this skincare routine.

These formulas are so successful and have no side effects (basically). However, they have become one of the top listed formulas nowadays. So, in this article, you will find why you should try the Japanese skin care formulas and what are the secrets behind the success of it.

Double cleansing:

This is a basic formula of Japanese skin care. I’ve noticed that most of the American women do not clean their faces properly. Think, can 15 seconds of moving gel cleanser remove all caulked mixture of silicone properly? Of course not! Our face cleaning methods are also same as the mug cleaning method. A single wash is a little bit hard to clear all dust.

That’s why Japanese use a double cleansing method. In this method, they use typical oil cleansing method at first. And after then, they use a foaming formulation cleaning as the second one. This two steps cleansing can remove all dust from the face completely.


Japanese use serum to keep the skin younger looking. They mainly use serums to keep the dehydrated skins hydrating. The serums are made with various useful ingredients and vitamin that work to prevent hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Skin Conditioner Lotions:

Have you ever heard of “Skin Conditioner Lotions”? Maybe you have, or maybe you have not! Your skin needs moisture to be healthy. But applying oil on the face to moisturizing isn’t a good idea as oil makes the skin dirtier.

So, in this case, using a good skin lotion is the perfect solution. The lotions help to keep your face moisturized without dust (or with minimum dust). And yes, the Japanese do so and that’s why they got soft skins.


You know, keep the skin moisturizing is one of the main ways to keep the skin younger looking. Oils, Milk and some other moisture creams are used to moisture the face skin. The Japanese clean their skin and use moisture ingredients on the face which provide moisture to the face, especially to the dehydrated face. That’s why their skins remain soft and younger looking.


In Japan, they do not use scrubs and brushes. The commonly use gels or “gommages” instead of these. They apply them to dry skin and massage the skin with teeny little foaming balls. This method helps to get a gentle skin and physically exfoliates the skin which is for getting a brighter and lighter skin complexion.

Face Messaging Tools:

Looking so strange? Well, face massaging tools are not common worldwide, but in Japan, they are very common. They are found in almost every beauty kits. The tool is basically constructed with 2 multifaceted attached balls with a curved handlebar. This machine massages the skin and the skin remains soft and younger looking.


Well, the sun is the main foe of skin. Skin gets faded by the sunlight. The Japanese women use sunscreen cream every day, everywhere! There are some best and world famous sunscreen formulas in Japanese skin care industry. For your kind information, we’d like to say that, the sunscreen market is super competitive in Japan. As they save their skins from sunlight with great sunscreen ingredients, they have the younger looking skin for a long time.

There are the reasons why Japanese have beautiful skins and to get skin like them, you may also follow their formulas.