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Here’s How You Can See That Your House is Deep Cleaned Almost Every Day!

Whether it is a decent 2BHK or a lavish 3BHK, maintaining a hygienic and clean environment in your house is a must. As attractive as this sounds, a lot of people do not know how to ensure that they have a tidy place regularly. Some people are curious to find out the right way to clean their homes. Looking for end of tenancy cleaning services london, use Helpling.

Did you know that you could follow simple tips and tricks that will help you streamline your cleaning procedures? Be it deep cleaning your chimney or removing stains off your carpet, regularly indulging in certain activities can give the same results as deep cleaning your house every now and then.

How often should you get cleaning?

Basic chores like doing the dishes, wiping the kitchen platforms and bathroom surfaces, cleaning sinks and bowls need to be done regularly. On the other hand, cleaning microwaves, wiping mirrors, computer surfaces and dusting furniture can be done once a week.

Clearing out your fridge, wiping the light fixtures and fans, washing the blinds and curtains can be done monthly. Besides, during the seasonal cleaning sessions scheduled before festivals or big family events, ensure that you move the furniture out and tackle the dust of the underlying area.

Have you cleaned these spots?

Did you know that there are 5 often overlooked spots in your home that need immediate attention? Regardless of how much or how often you clean, these spots are home to a layer of dust.

Door knobs, for instance, are bacterial hotspots. Remote controllers also fall under the same category and need to be regularly wiped with an alcohol-based disinfecting solution/spray. Tackling all the dirty spots at once is difficult. Rather, you could consider the idea of putting in efforts to deep clean your house at different levels without the stress of managing it all at once.

Here is a list of commonly overlooked spots that you need to pay attention to.

  1. Doorknobs and handles: These are the elements you use multiple times each day and make for one of the dirtiest spots in your house. These areas are not as frequently cleaned as they are used. Remedy this starting today, and use a disinfectant spray/solution to wipe the handles’ surface.
  2. Kitchen appliances: We rush to clean whenever there has been a spill in the kitchen. But we forget to wipe the surfaces of appliances, which tend to host several germs and dirt. Tackling your kitchen appliances is easy. Get a wet cloth, dip it in a mild disinfectant soap solution and thoroughly scrub the outside of the appliance. It is worth noting that appliances need to be unplugged before you start doing this.
  3. Computer keyboards: Yet another commonly overlooked area, it is almost like our second nature to use a computer and type on the keyboard. But did you know that computer keyboards attract lots of dust and germs? Thus, it is recommended to wash your hands well before using a keyboard. It would also be prudent to have antibacterial alcohol wipes handy to give the screen and keyboard a clean wipe.
  4. Showers and bathtubs: Although this might sound ironic, the place you go to cleanse yourself features spots that attract germs and dirt. Little corners and warm water can be the ideal growth spot for mold. Therefore, to disinfect your bathroom area, you can use a bleach-based cleaning fluid on the floor instead of regular cleaners. Make sure to give your faucets a nice wipe with a disinfecting liquid. Moreover, the sink could also be taken care of in a similar manner.