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Fashion Nova Pledges $1M to Female Empowerment Initiative

Megan Thee Stallion joins Fashion Nova to help put women on top as the brand promises $1 million in donations, grants, and scholarships.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, famous L.A.-based clothing retailer Fashion Nova has joined forces with iconic rapper, singer, and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion to pledge $1 million in support of female empowerment. Throughout March, the renowned fashion brand sought to gift an incredible seven-figure sum in donations, grants, and scholarships to women across the United States.

Provided to inspiring women entrepreneurs, students, and others—including various social enterprises and support organizations—doing great things for female empowerment, numerous recipients have already received at least $25,000 each in recognition of their efforts.

The $1 million program forms part of Fashion Nova Cares, initially created by the brand last year to help those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative has since grown into a movement supporting a variety of incredible causes, already giving away over $3 million in the process.

Last June, for example, Fashion Nova Cares pledged $1 million in donations for community resources and activism, awareness campaigns, and other initiatives to help in the fight for racial equality and opportunity.

Most recently, and to mark International Women’s Day 2021, the rapidly expanding program’s Women on Top campaign has seen recognition granted to those leading the charge surrounding female empowerment.

Fashion Nova is joined on its latest mission by musician Megan Thee Stallion. “I’m excited to collaborate with Fashion Nova Cares on the Women on Top initiative and be part of giving $1 million to support female-led businesses and organizations,” explains the music icon. “These donations are life-changing,” she adds, “and will help women of all ages get one step closer to making their dreams a reality.”

A wide variety of carefully selected recipients have already received gifts of between $25,000 and $100,000 from Fashion Nova as part of its Women on Top campaign. These include YWCA Houston, designer Timeekah Murphy, and the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

In operation for more than 110 years, YWCA Houston provides permanent and semi-independent housing to homeless young women and their families. It aims to eliminate barriers and empower women and girls at each stage of their lives.

Timeekah Murphy, meanwhile, is the talented name behind fashion brand Alani Taylor, famed, among other things, for its handcrafted couture clothing, made with soul in the United States. Murphy is, she says, on a mission to transcend style, establish confidence, and provide a vehicle for self-expression.

Also newly recognized by Fashion Nova’s $1 million International Women’s Day-inspired female empowerment campaign are the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. With $25,000 going to the organization, these much-needed funds will be used to support the Girl Scouts of the United States of America’s Greater Los Angeles division’s soon-to-open Inglewood Innovation Center.

The Girl Scouts’ Inglewood Innovation Center will, Fashion Nova reports, serve as a hub for as many as 20,000 girls from the local community. Here, they’ll be able to stretch their wings, explore their potential, and take the lead as empowered young women.

Another recipient of a Fashion Nova Cares Women on Top grant is Texas Southern University. TSU will use Fashion Nova’s gift to support scholarships for women at its College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, where Fashion Nova Cares collaborator Megan Thee Stallion is currently a student.

The grant afforded by Fashion Nova’s latest charitable campaign will help fund continued education and encouragement provided by a diverse faculty and staff, assisting graduates to go on to attain employment across all sectors of healthcare.

“We’re proud to support Texas Southern University as they empower the next generation of female pharmacists and health professionals,” said a Fashion Nova representative upon sharing news of the brand’s $25,000 donation to the leading Houston-based education institution.

Other recipients to date include Until Freedom, Bread of Life, Black Women for Wellness, sustainable social enterprise SAWA Life, support organization Casa de Esperanza, Girls Inc. of New York City, and the Breonna Taylor Foundation.

Fashion Nova is the brainchild of Richard Saghian. The well-known businessman and Fashion Nova founder had this to say about the company’s latest million-dollar charitable campaign: “At Fashion Nova, female empowerment and ongoing advocacy for diversity and inclusion have always been part of our guiding principles.”

“We believe the world will be a better place when all women are provided the opportunity to maximize their potential,” adds the fashion brand’s philanthropic founder and CEO, speaking from his office in Los Angeles.

Fashion Nova’s latest charitable initiative, delivered via Fashion Nova Cares, was created by the L.A.-based entrepreneur and his brand’s 600-strong team to provide incredible women from across the U.S. with added support to pursue their passions, Saghian says.

Saghian established Fashion Nova in 2006. The entrepreneur, now a nationally and internationally recognized businessman, tapped into his family’s fashion industry background to open Fashion Nova’s first store in Panorama City, Los Angeles. In the decade and a half since, the company has grown to five brick-and-mortar locations. However, most of its business now comes from the web, with millions of online customers across the U.S. and overseas.

In addition to its charitable efforts, Fashion Nova is widely recognized for its pronounced use of social media. The brand currently boasts approximately 20 million followers on Instagram and millions more across Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and elsewhere. Fashion Nova is also known for its celebrity collaborations and has released a number of product lines with big names such as rapper Cardi B and influencers including Teyana Taylor, Blac Chyna, and Christina Milian.

Concluding its $1 million month of giving in recognition of International Women’s Day 2021, Fashion Nova, through Fashion Nova Cares, promises to remain committed to supporting a range of social causes. “At Fashion Nova, we’re proud to be regarded among the world’s top fashion and lifestyle brands committed to promoting female empowerment and inclusivity,” adds a representative, “as well as a wealth of other good causes.”

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