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Diamond Ring Knowledge and Girls Pick Diamond Earrings Tips

What is the difference between a diamond ring and a custom diamond ring in a shopping mall counter?

Diamond rings and custom diamond rings in the mall counters are diamond rings. The biggest difference is in brand and price.

The diamond rings of a shopping mall counter are all from the brand chain stores, so the brand has a certain popularity, mainly based on the diamond ring of the finished product. There are many styles to choose from, and diamond rings of many chain stores in the country can be called.

The diamond ring of the store counter is in the shopping mall, so every single store will have a deduction point, so the price will be passed on to the consumer. The price is relatively high. In fact, the price of the diamond is not particularly high. The added brand value of diamonds increases the value of diamonds, so diamonds are beyond the reach of everyone. Especially the big brand diamond name rings is the price that the people look up to, and the brand premium is a distinctive feature of jewelry.

Shopping mall counters, especially the big brand diamond rings, the style is very classic, because this is a long-term experience in diamond design and the development of large-scale professional designers, especially the diamond ring originated in the West. Most of the big brand jewelry is foreign, so the big name from the diamond style is undeniable.

Custom diamond rings are crucial for the choice of custom shop. For the common people, how to identify the pros and cons requires a certain amount of professional knowledge, at least the certificate knows 4C, especially the big diamond ring needs to understand the GIA certificate. In fact, spend some time can be understood.

On the basis of understanding, it will recognize the style of diamonds. If you look at some big-name diamond styles, you will have a feeling, and you will have a certain understanding of the aesthetics of diamond rings.

Custom diamond rings have a price advantage, because the premium of the big name has been removed, and the deduction point of the shopping mall has been removed. The price of the diamond and the profit of some customized stores are mainly the price, and the price is more close to the people which can be tailored to your needs.

In short, each has its own advantages, if you do not understand diamonds and are not sure whether the local custom shop is reliable, then choose the brand diamond ring, at least spend money to buy peace of mind.

Girls learn these tricks to easily pick get name necklace diamond earrings
Diamond earrings can be classified into long and short, and can be divided into diamond stud earrings, medium and long earrings and long earrings. The style of the diamond earrings is also varied, from a single diamond to a group of diamonds.

When a girl chooses diamond earrings, she first needs to choose according to her own budget. This will quickly lock the target. The price of the diamond is determined according to 4C. If the diamond is below 10 points, it is basically to see the diamond earrings style to determine the price.

Diamonds also have color points. The more common ones are colorless diamonds, such as yellow and pink. Gold is also colored, especially 18K gold, in addition to white, K yellow and rose gold. The color of the diamond and the color of the gold are also determined by the skin.

If the skin is fair and so lucky, there is plenty of room for choice. It doesn’t matter if the skin is black, there is always a suitable color to choose from.

According to the shape of the face to choose the style of the earrings, to avoid weaknesses. The face of the melon seeds is so free to choose, the earrings and eardrops do not matter, if the square face can not choose rectangular and square earrings, this will make the face look more square. You can choose the shape of the drop to make the face small.

The shape of the diamond stud earrings is also very rich, but the value should also be considered when choosing. If you just wear it, you can choose the right price. There are also a few earrings with diamonds worth thousands which already very good.

If you want to buy a better bigger diamond, then you should consider the diamond’s 4C. Such diamond earrings should also be considered for wearing. If you wear it regularly, or choose an ordinary style, diamond stud earrings are easier to lose than rings and necklaces. Especially for girls with long hair, is easy to hook into the hair.

In short, the choice of diamond stud earrings also needs to be considered comprehensively. Now the earrings of diamond and gemstone combination are more fashionable and the choice is wider. The most important thing is to buy it yourself within the budget.