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How to Get Rid of Bugs in House: A Guide for New Homeowners

When you find bugs in your new home, it is not only creepy it is also slightly alarming. You’re probably wondering if one bug means there are fifty others hiding somewhere else.

This, “How to Get Rid of Bugs in House: A Guide for New Homeowners”, has everything you need to know about how to eliminate household pests and how to keep bugs out of your house for good.

From professional pest control to cleaning your home, here are some tricks for getting bugs out of your house.

Call a Professional

When it comes to knowing how to get rid of bugs in your house, it is sometimes best to leave the pest control to the professionals.

A professional pest control expert can come into your home, address problem areas, rid your home of pests, and help come up with a care plan to keep them from coming back.

Clean Your Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to attract insects is to have a dirty kitchen. A dirty kitchen full of crumbs and food will draw insects into your home from the outdoors. Insects feed off of dirt, grime, old food, and cooking debris.

To keep insects out of your home, make sure your kitchen is cleaned regularly. Don’t leave food unsealed, sitting out or out in the open. Insects and pests in food can lead to disease and illness.

Put dirty dishes into the sink or dishwasher and clean them shortly after use. Sweep up crumbs and make sure the counters are cleaned fully.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Many common household pests come from the outdoors in. To keep these little visitors outside, make sure to seal all of your cracks and openings fully. Check for openings near windows, doors, and your foundation.

If you see windows or doors that don’t fully close, this is likely your point of entry. Foundation cracks and openings in bricks are also easy places for pests to enter.
Repair and seal any door frame, window, or crack you find. You can do this yourself or with a professional.

Dry Damp Spots

A lot of common pests love damp, cold spaces. If you have areas of your home, likely in a basement that is prone to moisture and damp conditions, make sure to dry this area often or find the source of the moisture.

You may find a leaking faucet or a pipe that is loose somewhere in your home. Fix the pipe or source of the leak so that these pests leave your home in favor of somewhere else.

Sweep Often

In general, sweeping your floor often will help eliminate the food source for a lot of common pests. In the summer months, for example, you may notice more ants than usual coming in and finding food crumbs on your floor.

To keep pests from coming in, make sure there isn’t food on the floor for them to find.

How to Get Rid of Bugs in House

This, “How to Get Rid of Bugs in House: A Guide for New Homeowners”, has a few of the simplest ways to eliminate household pests from your home.

When the problem seems over your head, it might be time to call a pest control professional.

In general, keeping your house clean and properly sealed will greatly reduce the number of bugs in your home.

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