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Choosing a Mortgage Broker; How to Find one and Things to Look for

Choosing a decent and reputable mortgage broker in British Columbia plays a huge role in finding the best mortgage for you. While there are multiple agencies and brokers you can always get online, and offline, finding the best one that best suits your requirements is not always easy.

You also need to do your research prior to know what questions to ask and what qualities to look for. You also might need to research that leads to the best broker. Here are some ways to research for the best; 

Ask for References

Look around you, do you know a friend or a colleague that has worked with mortgage brokers before? If so, they are your best shot. This is because you get real-life reviews. Ask them about their services, how the processes went, and how good they are; if they were satisfied with their services.

It is easier to trust people you know and that are close to you. They best give you candid feedback and in detail including professionalism, customer services, personality, and more. This plays a heavy role in influencing your decision. 

Online Reviews

The next place that you can depend on for great mortgage brokers is in online review forums and websites. Some of these platforms include Google and yelp. Some of the comments you are looking for are on open and closing times, success rates, customer services, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Online is a great place to look because you have a variety of options in terms of sites and forums, including social media. They give great insights and you also get to read the experiences of multiple people. Treat brokers with many positive reviews as a green light. 

Get Advice from Real Estate agents

Real estate agents are also a great source of information and advice. The agents most likely would understand your requirements better; the kind of home/ properties you are looking for and can give the best recommendations. Chances are, they also know and have long-time relationships with some brokers. 

Things to Look for

Write down all your concerns and questions you need answers for. You can also create a checklist of the things you are looking for. This will act as a blueprint throughout your search;


The first thing you are looking for is a license. You can always verify if a broker is licensed through sites like Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). Licenses are an important document because they indicate that the broker is qualified and permitted to work in that state.

Their Typical Clients

The main factor to keep in mind during this whole process is your goals. This will help you choose a broker with experience working with similar clients like you and who knows how to best help you. For example, if you are not so sure about your credit score, you might want to choose a broker who has prior experience with a similar case. 


Another thing that should be at the top of your priorities is professionalism. A lot of things go into professionalism. Some of the things you are looking at include their availability and time management, customer service, their attitude, and of course their genuine interest in helping you out.