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6 Weird Gadgets That You Can Purchase Right Away

Are you searching for something exciting and fun, but will not go for cases, video games, and portable batteries, then you can easily spice up your life with some weird devices and accessories. These devices will attract some compliments and also some questions from your friends when they see them in your hand.

Gadgets can do much more than help us complete menial tasks. They can be a fun way of playing some of our favorite games online. For example, if you enjoy crash or jackpot inspired games, you can use your phone to browse these sites to discover a great selection of games available.

We needed to carry deep research and ultimately, we discovered some very interesting weird gadgets around the web that will present something new for you to play with. They can also be used as a present when you are looking to give something that you are sure no one else will come with.


The first in the list is Rubik’s Cube that connects to your phone. Weird, isn’t it? This is actually a very good device, so don’t let the talk about weirdness distract you here. The functional puzzle game comes with a retro design, but when you connect this to your smartphones, you can enjoy a lot of functionality from it. With the companion app, you can learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, and can also play some other puzzle games with it. For those that would like to see how good they are in the GoCube puzzle game, the device also has a multiplayer feature that will allow them to play against other players. Aesthetically, it is full of LED lights and a charging cradle. So when you drop it on the desk or in your car, it presents a very elegant look. It is an impressive device that you can purchase for $80 at Amazon.

Rocketbook Notebook

If you are the type that is always drawing, writing, or taking notes, then you will cherish the smart notebook. It may sound weird, but the Rocketbook notebook is very cool and handy. When you have it, you have a notebook that can be reused, and which makes your work digital without the need for a scanner or any special gadget. That is very cool, right?

The device works with most of the popular cloud systems like the Evernote, Onedrive, Google Drive and others, and it eliminates the need for you to keep buying notebooks, since the 36 pages available here are reusable. Another thing is that this can be purchased easily from amazon for just $30 -$25.

Gameboy Phone Case

It is very exciting to play games on an emulator on your phone. But the better fun will come with the availability of a dedicated case that comes with a separate hardware and buttons with which you can play games. Didn’t we tell you that it would be a ride with the weird? Here you have it. This is what the QKArrow Gameboy presents. This is a Galaxy S10 (or iPhone) that is equipped to allow you to play 36 games on the small screen that it comes with on the back of your phone.  The hardware has dedicated buttons and a battery that powers it. So here, you have a separate gaming device that serves as your phone case. Now, we may not tell you that the games offered by this device are legal games. But the idea is a very entertaining one, and the concept is very smart. The Gameboy goes for $20 at Amazon, but Nintendo may not like it.

The World’s Smallest Flip Phone

Here, we have the smallest phone in the world. Some may even refer to it as a phone for ants.  Here, you have the smallest flip phone in the entire world. But surprisingly, the Long-CZ flip phone is very functional, though some people may see it as too small to allow them to read a text message from.

This is an 18g and 72mm device, and that makes it a very tiny one. But it is compatible with some number of connectivity out there, so it could be used for texts and phone calls. Now, people may wonder if the battery will ever last, but the fact remains that if you flip this out from your pocket in any party, you will be the cynosure of all eyes. Do you know what? This is very cheap. A device that makes calls and sends text messages goes for $30 on amazon? Is that not wonderful? You don’t need to spend much to own it.

Gliston Phone Magnifier

Have you been having difficulties seeing movies on your smaller phone, even when you don’t want to get a tablet? Then the Gliston 12-inch screen magnifier will do the magic for you. This involves a very simple concept, where a curved 12 inch glass does the job of magnifying whatever lies behind it, and your phone would be the thing lying behind it, so the image you will get will be as big as what a small laptop will present to you. Though it seems the magnification could distort the clarity of the texts, this may not be the case when you are playing games or watching Netflix with a Bluetooth controller. It sells for just $15 on amazon.

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Many people enjoy sleeping with music, and I’m one of them. I get off to sleep when some relaxing tunes play around me. If you are among us, then you can take it a notch higher by cramming some music in sleep headphones that work as a sleep mask too. Isn’t this weird and yet beautiful? Yes, it is.

It comes like a regular sleep mask, but with inbuilt speakers with which you can pair it with your phone and enjoy music while you are trying to sleep. If people try to wake you up with a phone call while you are asleep, you can answer the call through the inbuilt microphone too. It comes with a battery life of up to 9 hours, and that seems to be the right number to help you sleep very well each night. But you will need to charge them regularly.