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Can you Wash your Comforter’s?

Can you wash your comforter’s? The answer is “Yes”. As all we know, a comforter gathers dust mites easily. If it is a white down comforter, it will collect dust mites faster than other types of the comforter. So, do not worry about it. According to the pillowbedding, you can machine wash your comforter easily by following ways.

Step01: Read the comforter care instructions

All the manufacturer of the comforter attached a care label with the comforter. We have to read it cautiously and follow the instructions provided in the care label.

Some comforters have ‘dry clean only’ or ‘hand wash only’ label. So if it is a ‘dry clean only’ label, we are recommending taking it to the local laundermate as they can do it better than us. Or, you can do it yourself by putting it on the washing machine by selecting dry cycle with low heat.

For a ‘hand washing only’ label, you can use a basin or bucket to wash the comforter.

Step02: Examine the comforter before throwing it in the machine

  1. Find out the torn area in the comforter and try to repair it before throwing it into the washing machine. Otherwise, your comforter will be torn off more.
  2. Searching for the stained area in the comforter. And you should remove the stain before starting the washing procedure of the comforter. To clear the stain, you may use a colorless detergent that does not have any enzymes. And you should use bleach gel instead of other colorful washing gel. And gently rub the detergent in the affected area. Use lukewarm water to clean the area. After washing add bleach gel for further cleaning. Allow a few minutes for settlement of bleach gel. Now wash the stained area properly.

Step-03: Put the comforter into the washer

Normally, Front loading washing machine is suitable for washing comforter. Large-sized washing machine performs better than a medium or low-sized washing machine. For a king size comforter, you may take it to the Laundromat, if you do not have an extra large-sized washing machine.
Step 04: Set up the Settings of the washer

Please follow the manufacturer instruction at the time of setting the washer. If there is no specific instruction in the label please follow the following instruction.

  1. Try to operate at delicate cycle.
  2. Select the maximum level of water. Low level of water may damage the fabric of the comforter due to machine rotation.
  3. Warm water performs better here. Do not give hot water as hot water damage the fabric.
  4. High temperature may damage the germs but it will damage the fabrics also.
  5. Try to add mild detergent. Be careful to pour the detergent into the washer.

Step5: Add a tennis ball to the washer

A tennis ball works well during washing inside the washer. It creates small pressure on the comforter that helps to remove the dust and germs from the comforter.

Step6: Select Additional Rinse cycle

You may select an additional rinse cycle to rinse the comforter properly.

Step7: Dry the comforter

Now put the comforter in the dryer for 20-30 minutes. A dryer makes your comforter dry and fluffy. Add 02 tennis balls in the dryer. You should select the air fluff cycle.

Remove the comforter from the dryer gently. If you need more drying, hang the comforter in the outside clothesline for a few hours. That will allow air penetration and sun heat to the comforter.