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5 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Home

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 forced people to retreat into their homes and slow down, but spending all this extra time indoors under lockdown has likely made us more aware of how much our homes are in need of a revamp. Whether it’s the little cracks or the bathroom tiles that have lost their lustre, these small things have the power to quickly make a home feel tired. Here are some quick and simple way to revamp your home and give it that sparkle once again.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

Often the easiest way to give a room a new lease on life is with a clean coat of paint. A fresh new colour can take a room that feels dull and boring and make it feel absolutely fabulous overnight. Whether it’s the latest on-trend shade or just a bright coat of classic white paint, you could have your home feeling fresh and new.

A New Piece of Furniture

Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself? After all, it has been a tough year. Maybe it’s time you got a new bed, or replaced that outdated sofa you’ve had since you moved in. A new piece of furniture can really change the look of a room and lift your mood in the process, so be ready to make a little investment in your future happiness. Whether you hit up some local thrift stores or shop online for some bargains, do your research and find something that is right for your space. Kasala has a great range of top-quality furniture items that can be sure to help transform your home.

Replace Windows

When we think of home improvements, it’s easy to overlook windows. We often simply accept the ones that came with the property without much thought, but windows have the potential to make a house feel more open. Depending on the location of the property, having a well-placed window allows you to frame a view and make it even more enjoyable. Beyond the simple aesthetic, replacing windows has the potential to save your money on your energy bills and older windows and doors tend to let out heat.

Add Plants

In addition to the mental health benefits of bringing a little nature indoors, house plants are a brilliant way to add a little extra color and texture to your room. They don’t have to cost the earth either. Just be mindful of the conditions of your home when choosing your plants. Read up on plant care as some plants require lots of natural light while others thrive in cool shady spots.

Invest In Wall Art

If your walls are looking a little bare, how about getting your hands on a little wall art to shake things up a bit? Large prints can be a real statement piece. By choosing art pieces that echo the colours and design style, you can really enhance the feel of a room. In smaller spaces, gallery walls can create quite the impact – mixing and matching your own photos with prints can create a unique and fun look.

These are just a few inspirational ideas to help you improve your living space without necessarily incurring the enormous expense of remodelling. With many of us spending more time in our homes, it’s a great time to invest a little time identifying outdated features and finding simple ways to revitalise your living area.