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Best Outdoor Cinemas in London to Visit

Cinemas and movie theaters are indeed one of the most popular entertainment. Although there have been advancements and developments when it comes to how movies are played, going to cinemas has never been out of fashion. Aside from in-house movie theaters, outdoor cinemas have gained popularity in London since the period when they were introduced. Today, there are different outdoor cinema hires where you can go to try a different way fo enjoying your favorite movies. Here are some of the outdoor cinemas in London for your reference.

1) Drive & Dine

This outdoor cinema hire in London offers not just films, but a tasty twist as well. Here, you can enjoy romcoms made in the 80s, family films, and adventure films. You will be served with an exclusive menu with a touch of old-school American drive-in food while you watch the scheduled movies during your visit. This outdoor cinema if popular for having the Michelin-starred Chef Tom Kerridge. You can conveniently visit the place as it is situated in Selhurst Park Stadium and Syon Park.

2) TheDriveIn

TheDriveIn provides exciting and fascinating lines of movies. Here you can watch sing-along films, must-watch chick flicks, and action classics. On top of these films, you can enjoy Silent Car Disco, Car Bingo, and other family games available. What’s more interesting about this outdoor cinema is that all the waiters and waitresses are on wheels to deliver your snacks, drinks, and sweets. There’s no hassle of falling in line to buy your food because they go straight to your car. This outdoor cinema hire is located in Blackheath.

3) Drive in Film Club

You will also enjoy the ambiance when you go to Drive in Film Club in Ally Pally. This cinema offers a wide variety of films, from family films to classics. If you are familiar with the Rooftop Film Club, this is another masterpiece the team has created. Aside from movies, the drive-in cinema also sells pop dogs, American classics, and pan-Asian delights.

4) The Drive-In Club

The Drive-In Club doesn’t just specialize in night movies and films. It is open day and night to satisfy those who are craving for some outdoor movie adventures. This outdoor cinema has some of the largest multi-screens in the city. Watch blockbuster movies or catch their live entertainment with DJs and comedians. The place is conveniently situated in Dagenham and Brent Cross.

5) Luna Drive-In

Luna Drive-in is another must-visit outdoor cinema hire in London. It is located in iconic venues such as the Allianz Park and Printworks London. The lineups of movies are great as well, ranging from the 80s classics, family movies, and acclaimed pictures. You will definitely enjoy its quality sound experience as it plays through your own car radio.

Outdoor cinemas have never been this good. Truly, businesses now are getting creative and innovative to meet the demands of people for entertainment. Even without spending too much, you can live in the classic time and appreciate old-school movie theaters with twists when you spend your day or night in drive-in cinemas.