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Why You Should Consider a TeamViewer Alternative

If your business has been looking for a remote desktop service, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of TeamViewer. However, this service has had security issues in the past, so many business owners have been looking for alternate programs that will still meet their company’s needs.

Here are a few alternative to TeamViewer options that can help you make the best choice for your business.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a software application that allows for file transfer, desktop sharing, and remote control among computers. This application is compatible with several platforms such as Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. TeamViewer allows users to access other computers remotely with a web browser.

The TeamViewer software application was created in 2005 in Uhingen, Germany. The program is designed to work by installing the software on a computer or conducting a Quick Support version for which installation is not required. Even though TeamViewer installation isn’t always a must, the program has to be running on all participating computers for remote control and access to files. TeamViewer software uses AES session encoding and RSA key exchange to make the connection secure.

How is TeamViewer Utilized?

If you want to use the remote control functions for TeamViewer, you’ll have to go to the Remote Control tab on the TeamViewer interface to get your temporary password. Once you’re in the system, you can change the password. You’ll also have to enter your partner computer ID so you can access both computer systems from one screen. You’ll choose whether you want to work in remote control, VPN, or file transfer mode.

TeamViewer also allows you to hold virtual meetings. You can host or join a meeting with this feature. Whether you want to conduct the meeting via phone or video, you can schedule the event and invite attendees from the Meeting tab. When you’re ready to join a meeting, you enter the meeting ID or click on the link in your meeting invitation. For some meetings, you may need to enter a password.

Gaps or Issues with TeamViewer

Even though TeamViewer has several appealing features, many users complain that the program lags too much. This is often due to a connectivity issue. Both computers have to have the same network speed so that information is efficiently transferred. The remote computer’s resolution also plays a part in proper TeamViewer function. It’s important to check the settings for your resolution to resolve this issue. Right click on the desktop, select Screen Resolution, and change it to medium or low for best results.

Alternatives to TeamViewer

If you’re having issues with TeamViewer or worried about the security of this software, there are a few alternatives you can try. Chrome Remote Desktop is a viable option, especially if your office uses Google features like the search engine, calendar, and Gmail. The program is easy to use and provides clear instructions. You can also try for company meetings and conferences. Mikogo is another popular choice that allows you remote control access from a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

These are a few things to consider if you think TeamViewer may be a good choice for your business, as well as some alternatives that provide many of the same functions.