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4 Things You Need To Know On How Facebook Stories Work

Facebook Stories may have just launched a few years back, but since its addition to Facebook’s smartphone and desktop apps, it seems to increase the time of use across all its users worldwide. If you happen to be on the fence about using facebook stories personally, here are some things that you should know about:

They only last for 24 hours, but they’re immediately archived

Facebook Stories are photos, videos, text overlaid on plain/funky color backgrounds that are posted on top of timelines. They only last for a day, so the main thing to know about it is its fleetingness. It’s like a glimpse of your day – what you’ve been up to, what songs have you been listening to, what are you particularly feeling, etc.

They’re posts, like the ones which appear on your timeline, but the format is different. The major difference between Facebook Stories and your timeline posts is that people can see your timeline posts from the most recent to the oldest if they scroll long enough. With Facebook Stories, if your friends happen to miss it on the 24-hour window, they won’t have the chance to see it again. But your Facebook Stories are immediately archived on your profile, only for you to see again.

You can access fun, live filters when you use the camera from Facebook

Facebook Stories are meant to be fun, colorful, quirky, etc. While you can use saved photos from your gallery, it’s actually better if you create your content with Facebook’s camera. There are a couple of updated tricks that Facebook has outfitted its smartphone app just to make the experience of posting Facebook Stories more pleasant.

You can access filters, masks, frames, and interactive filters that truly spark creativity. You can be a panda, a flower child, even play a game of melting snow right off it. You can create a poll or ask your friends about their opinions on things. For business specifically, using Facebook Stories’ photo-imaging and editing capabilities for promotions can spark some loyal following. For example, announce a giveaway through stories so that only the people who watch it have the chance for a special prize!

Your story is automatically shared on your Messenger

One of the most important factors that make Facebook Stories engaging is that it’s automatically shared to Messenger. Right now, you can’t cross-post to Instagram yet. Facebook is still in the process of testing and rolling out that feature. But since your Facebook Story is automatically shared on Messenger, that means twice as many people will see your story!

There is an app that you can download that lets you automatically save Stories.

Wondering if there is a way you can save Facebook Stories? Well, the most straightforward way to do that is to screenshot it, but there is actually an app that lets you do just that! This is perfect for when you’re looking to save some receipts, or just want to memorialize something so that you have it in your photos for future viewing.

Friendly for Facebook is an app that’s available for both iOS and Android phones. Once you install it, you just need to log in on your Facebook account inside the app, and voila – you now have an option to download and save any of your friend’s Facebook Stories.


Suffice it to say, making Facebook Stories part of your social media life means you get to have fun with the new filters, the new icons, and many more. While the feature originated from Snapchat, it’s now a mainstay in all of Facebook’s apps, including Messenger and Instagram. So what are you waiting for? Use Facebook Stories now!