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10 Things You Should Know Before You Get Lip Fillers

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have made pouts more popular than ever before.
While they may not last forever, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t educate yourself on the procedure before you go ahead with it.

The lip filler low down

1. Fillers contain hyaluronic acid

Almost all fillers contain a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body. This substance is used to increase the volume and size of your lips by increasing moisture levels for a natural, beautiful pout.

2. Juvederm isn’t the only filler on the market

While Juverderm is one of the most talked about lip fillers, it isn’t the only option on the market. There are several different types of fillers for you to choose from so consider all options before you go ahead with your procedure.

3. You won’t always achieve your desired result the first time around

Many believe that they’ll be completely happy with the results of their lip filler treatment after their first appointment but this isn’t always the case, particularly if you have very thin lips. Clinica Lase Ballarat is specialised in lip fillers and will gradually build layers, helping you achieve your desired result after several appointments.

4. You will only experience some mild discomfort

Lip filler treatments are not overly painful but you will be given the option of a dental block or numbing gel to alleviate any discomfort.

5. You will need a top-up treatment

The results of your lip filler treatment won’t last longer than 6 months so you will need a top-up treatment.

6. Your lips will still feel natural

When applied correctly, lip fillers won’t change the feel of your natural lips.

7. You will need to wait 24 hours before you can see results

Directly after your appointment, your lips will still be slightly swollen so you will need to wait around 24 hours before you’ll see the actual results of your treatment.

8. Allergic reactions are rare

Clinica Lase Ballarat is specialised in lip fillers and like most of today’s cosmetic clinics, only fillers that contain hyaluronic acid are used. This means that allergic reactions are extremely rare.

9. Lip fillers can be removed


If for any reason you aren’t happy with the results of your lip filler treatment or you have an allergic reaction, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be used to naturally dissolve the filler. This is only if hyaluronic acid fillers were used though.

10. Research doctors before you say yes

It’s incredibly important that you find a doctor who has the necessary skills and experience to apply lip injections. Look into a few different cosmetic clinics before you make a final decision to ensure that you’re making a safe choice. Ask as many questions as you need to before you go ahead with the procedure to make sure that you’re completely comfortable with the doctor, the clinic and the procedure.