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You Should Check Out These Hand Sanitizers


To stop the spread of germs, a simple alternative to soap and water has been hand sanitizers. However, there are way too many hand sanitizer brands available in the market which is why we have listed a few recommendations below. These sanitizers are not just sweet-smelling gels but contain the necessary ingredients to make them truly effective. 

Types of Sanitizers

1. Handvana HydroClean Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

The Handvana HydroClean sanitizer guarantees to kill 99.9% of germs while also keeping your hands soft and moisturized. The products consist of beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and the most popular hyaluronic acid. Instead of alcohol, the product consists of Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient. Alcohol bases sanitizers can dry out your skin and be harmful to children if they swallow them. 

2. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

The Purell advanced hand sanitizer is a popular product that contains 70% alcohol in its formula. This sanitizer is highly recommended for regular use as it contains one of the highest alcohol concentrations in the market. The sanitizer has gained the approval of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reiterates the effectiveness of the product.

3. Germ-X Moisturizing Original Hand Sanitizer

This sanitizer guarantees to kill 99.9 percent of germs in as little as fifteen seconds. The Germ-X sanitizer contains 63 percent ethyl alcohol in it and is another brand recommended for use by the CDC. The formula consists of Vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe your hands as it kills germs. The sanitizer is available in various sizes to keep on hand as you go through your daily activities. 

4. Pipette Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer

This brand is known for creating baby-safe and pregnancy-safe products that are very beneficial for mothers and their babies. The Pipette hypoallergenic hand sanitizer is made up of 65 percent ethyl alcohol content and is certified as a vegan product. Furthermore, the sanitizer is made up of sugarcane-derived squalane, which is the primary component added to keep your hands free of any stickiness and dryness. 

5. CHI Natural Gardens Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

The CHI Natural Gardens moisturizing hand sanitizer is made of 92% natural ingredients that help keep your hands treated. It consists of organic ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera that helps in soothing your hands instead of drying them out. 

6. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer

The organic hand sanitizer by Dr. Bronner is a pleasant smelling formula that is available in small and portable sizes. The bottle is recyclable and contains 62% ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient. It is made of organic ingredients and is certified by USDA organic.


These are handy solutions to keeping your hands clean while you are on the go. The recommended products are a good guide for you to make a good choice when purchasing a sanitizer. A few drops of any of these sanitizers can help you eliminate germs and keep your hands squeaky clean.

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