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Why are Hamptons Style Homes So Popular?

People invest in a home to provide a safe and comfortable residence for themselves or their own families. A home is an expensive investment, but the benefits it affords will surely outweigh the costs. But homeowners aren’t only using their homes as their residence – they’re maximizing this investment by showing off their unique style, too.

Hamptons style is one of the most well-loved home designs today. A Hamptons style home showcases elegance, sophistication, and coastal warmth. It embodies a relaxing and clean ambiance, making it easy for the entire household to de-stress. The famous beach houses in the Hamptons Coastline in New York City inspired this home design; thus, the name.

If ever you’re wondering why Hamptons style homes are popular today, the points listed below can help answer your questions:

1. Natural Textures

For homeowners who are curious about how to create a Hamptons look, think about luxurious resorts. This home style is getting more and more popular because it resembles the appearance and ambiance of a high-end resort. For sure, every homeowner would love to stay at home if the entire space gives off this ambiance.

A Hamptons style home uses natural textures to create a laid back environment, similar to what you can experience when you’re on the beach. A Hamptons style home typically uses plain white walls, along with classic works of art, wicker furniture, and sisal rugs.

Different shades of creams and whites, and carefully curated decors made from jute, linens, and rattan, are also prevalent in Hamptons style homes.

2. Unconventional Seating

Seating furnishings are available in several online and offline retail stores. Carefully selected seats can make your home more functional and appealing. A Hamptons style home still provides seating but in the most unique way possible.

One of the most common features in a Hamptons style home is a window seat. This amenity allows anyone in the family to relax in one corner while basking in the views outside.

Some Hamptons style homes will make the most out of their window seats by installing a cabinet underneath. Fabrics in cool colors or natural textures can cover this storage area.

3. Lighting

Aside from being a necessity, the lighting fixtures of a home can significantly impact your mood and productivity. A well-lit room can boost your energy levels while a room that’s too dark can contribute to depression.

A Hamptons style home features a good sense of lighting. This kind of home utilizes natural light whenever possible. Huge glass windows with curtains pulled to one side is common in this home style.

For homeowners who have limited access to natural lighting, using extra lighting to create the same illusion works. Wall sconces encased in glass and installed in white painted walls can usually do the trick. A plain colored-wall paired with light flooring such as oak can create a coastal atmosphere.

Hamptons style lighting doesn’t use lighting fixtures that block out or redirect the light in only one direction. The goal is to create seamless continuity of light throughout the different areas of the house.

4. Furnishings

All of the pieces used in a Hamptons style home should create a relaxing mood and a cohesive look. Unfitting furnishings, even when used in one area of the home, can adversely affect the entire style of the space.

A Hamptons style home features furnishings that scream luxury and relaxation. A bulky sofa in pale neutral color filled with pillows in white is common among Hampton style homes. Several couches with cushions and glass side tables are also excellent additions. These pieces work together to encourage relaxation and languid browsing.

Venetian blinds are also excellent options for Hampton style homes because these improve the privacy and safety of homes while maximizing the flow of natural light. As mentioned, pieces that block off natural is a big no-no in Hamptons style homes.

Use decorative pieces such as carpets and rugs with caution as placing too many inside the home can obscure the flooring. Investing in oak flooring to mimic beach houses will be useless if the entire space is covered with carpets and rugs.

5. Layout

The layout of Hamptons style homes is different yet still functional. Its layout creates feelings of relaxation and togetherness. This means that in every Hamptons style home, you will likely find a gourmet kitchen that provides views of the dining area, or a study nook adjacent to the activity room.

To take this home style up a notch, you can also consider adding an alfresco area that extends from your kitchen. This is a great way of utilizing space while enticing friends and families to spend more time together.

Easy When You Know How

Contrary to popular belief, creating a Hamptons style home isn’t expensive or time-consuming. As long as you choose a cool color palette (cobalt blue and aqua are great options), and invest in beach-inspired furniture, you can achieve this style for your own home in no time.