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Top 5 Warnings and Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Once most people build or buy their dream homes and actually move in, it always almost seems like a deal-done thing. What most people forget is that there would always be inspections and repairs that should be done after a period of time.

Not all areas and parts of the house are usually completely forgotten though. Things like floors, tiles, walls, and windows and window frames are right at our disposal and can always be easily noted if they get damaged or start to wear out. 

However, the roof suffers the most. Until it starts to leak when it rains, nobody really pays attention to it, which could be very dangerous. Companies like Tampa’s Roof Repair Experts suggest regular checking and inspection of the roof before it gets too late. 

Major Warnings And Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Checked

Before your roof falls apart and ends up costing you a fortune, or worse still cause some major accidents, watch out for these signs that you should be paying attention to, that shows your roof needs repair;

  • Stains/ leaks

Have you started noticing some marks and stains on different spots on your ceiling? Sometimes even on specific areas on your floor. Well, that is only a sign that there is a problem somewhere that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to this warning. Some people even go ahead to place buckets under the leaking spots and repainting the stains on the ceilings instead of doing repairs.

  • Pay attention to shingles

If you notice damaged shingles (or missing), then that is another sign you need to take a look at your roof. All your shingles should be in an optimal state to prevent leakage. Weather elements are the main factors that damage the shingles; wind, rain, sunlight, and such. 

  • Warping

If you notice a warped surface on your roof, or an overall unpleasant appearance like sagging, curling, and buckling, it warns that the undersurface of the shingles has absorbed water. While it may not seem like a serious issue, it still needs to be addressed to prevent further damage and fast wear.

  • Light in the attic

Unless your roof in the attic is transparent, or you have switched on the light, it could be a sign that your roof needs some work. It mainly means that there are missing or damaged shingles, or there are cracks that allow the light to pass through. Try to find any visible damage the roof might be suffering from.

  • Old Roof

Well, an old roof might be easily prone to damage. The lifespan of the roofs is determined by a lot of factors such as material and weather conditions. As a general rule, most types of roofs last for at least 20 to 25 years. Copper tiles roof lasts longer. Fiberglass and steel are also great if kept under good conditions. Asphalt roof, however, is said to be among that lasts the least.

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