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Popular suburbs of Memphis

Living in big cities is not convenient for everybody. The expensive houses, parking spaces, traffic, and other hassles. Are you tired of the big city life and you want to move to a suburb? Here, you will have all the benefits of the big cities without experiencing the drawbacks. If you love the Memphis music, food, and life but are not a big city fan, of course, there are close communities where you will still enjoy the Memphis culture without hassle.  Let’s take a look at some of the popular suburbs of Memphis.


Living in Collierville will still give you the Memphis experience you desire without the hassle of the large city. It is one of the most affluent suburbs of Memphis with a population of about 50, 000 and it is about 30 minutes from Memphis. The community has modest houses such as bungalows, historic cottages, and homes that are farmhouse style. The town is a great option for family settlement and has various opportunities for growth and fun. Below are some of the things that will fascinate you about the community.


There is a library that could keep the children engaged when you are not at home.


You can spend time and enjoy family picnics with your family in different locations in the community at locations such as the Herb Parsons Lake and Funquest Bowl.


One of the suburbs that easily comes to mind when you think about Memphis suburbs, is Germantown. The community is equipped with many luxurious homes and there are job opportunities due to the presence of many industries. With a population of less than 50,000, there is a low crime rate. This is why the community is described as one of the best places to raise children for parents that are working. Below are some of the things you should look out for about Germantown.

Community library

If you need a place to keep the children busy when you will not be at home, the community library is there for you.


Germantown hosts many annual festivals that your family can enjoy.


Due to its recent rise in population and a lot of job opportunities, Lakeland is fast becoming one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Memphis. The community has a population of less than 20,000 and a low unemployment rate. One great thing about Lakeland is that it is just 24 miles away from Memphis. Here is one of the things that will fascinate you about the community. 

Outdoor fun

There are close lakes and parks where you can have fun. You can go swimming, enjoy tennis at the Windward Slopes Park, boat parade, and many more.  


The Oakland community is dubbed the most affordable suburb of Memphis. The community is a great option if you desire where you can get everything available in the city for an affordable fee. There are great schools, affordable housing, and job opportunities. It is also one of the safest suburbs in Memphis. Though the community is about 45 minutes away from Memphis and has a population of less than 10,000, the community is currently witnessing a spike in the influx of residents. Below are some of the interesting things about the most affordable Memphis suburb.

Low tax

One of the reasons for the spike in the population is its low tax. Moving to Oakland means you will be free from the heavy taxes you pay in the big city. 

Golf course  

If you love playing golf, Oakland is a place to be. The Fair Oaks Golf Course is located in the community. 

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Relocation could be a stressful experience. Moving companies are there to make it stress-free. Do you want to relocate? Here are a few reasons why you should consider a moving company.  

No stress 

You will know that relocating could be a stressful experience if you have done it before. Though you might consider asking friends and family for help, have you thought about the challenges? Packing and moving to your new home will be easier when you hire a moving company. 


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With a moving company, you can get to your destination faster than you thought. Most moving companies will give you the time and date that your valuables will get to your new home.

Things you should consider when you want to hire a moving company in Collierville

Hiring a professional might seem easy but you should be careful to avoid losing your valuables. Below are a few things you should consider before you hire one. 

Good reviews 

A satisfied client will have good things to say about the moving company. You can read reviews about the company online. You can also ask for recommendations from your trusted neighbors. 


A company that has been in business for a while should have the appropriate paperwork. You should not patronize a company without correct papers and insurance.  


Though a company might not give you the exact price when you speak with them on the phone. In most situations, you will likely be charged based on duration and the number of movers. However, you should know that there will be additional charges. You should then probe further to have an idea of the additional charges. If you suspect that a company is not coming straight, you should consider another company. 

Final thought

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