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South Facing Property- Benefits and Tips

As humans, we are surrounded by a stack of problems. For living a happy and healthy life, Vastu is one of the important aspects. Vastu Shastra is a pre-eminent science of construction, which focuses on the decoration of home with paintings, idols and other sacred things, especially for the entrance room.

Over a period of time, people also got anxious about the direction of the house. People believed and also it is true that if the direction is right, success will be at your doorstep.

Moreover, people mostly prefer east facing home due to its various advantages. People are scared of choosing the south-facing home as it is considered to be inauspicious.

The undeniable fact is, no direction in Vastu is completely profitable and with proper understanding and arrangement, everything can be drawn in one’s favour.

If you have a south facing house, there is no need of getting tensed as you have a weapon called Vastu rules by which you can turn any property into a happy place.

Benefits of South Facing House

  • The earth has a massive magnetic power that is created with beautiful natural water bodies like rivers and oceans. Everything on the earth is in its balance form, due to its magnetic force. The magnetic forces are transmitted from the north pole to the south pole.
  • South facing plots are auspicious as they receive an end of magnetic forces and energy. These forces create both wealthy and healthy vibrations.
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, south is the direction of Yama raja or Lord Rama. Yama is considered to be a judge of the sins done by humans.
  • South facing home is wealthy and prosperous compared to other directions, east remains one of the best directions for any property.
  • Even if you are choosing a home with south direction, Vastu Shastra rules must be followed.
  • Research shows that most of the big landlords in the village or the leader of the village prefer South facing home.
  • The south facing home promotes the owner’s health and makes them financially strong.

If you have a south facing home and not aware of its Vastu, below given Vastu principles can be propitious for you.

  • If the south direction in your home is more extended, give it a square shape or a rectangular one.
  • Keep heavy furniture in the south direction.
  • Fill the holes in the south direction and make it higher than other direction and lower to southwest direction.
  • In the workplace or your home, sit your back to the south.
  • Keep your face towards health (north) to receive blessings of Soma. By doing this, you also get wisdom and strength from your ancestors.
  • The wall of the southern side must be heavier and ensure that there are no openings from the doors, ventilators or windows.
  • Build a heavy fence, wall or trellis in this direction.
  • If there is an open area in the south direction which is more than the height of the building, make sure to plant trees or dense hedge.
  • In the south direction, one must keep heavy indoor plants such as rubber plants, indoor palm and umbrella tree planted in a heavy pot.
  • Use red colour outside of the house in order to please its ruler, Mars.
  • Red coloured painting or photo must be placed on the south wall. Photo of lord Hanuman can also be placed on the walls. As Mars is the planetary lord of this direction, you can achieve fearlessness, courage, spontaneity by him.
  • It is fruitful to place Mangal Yantra in the South direction.

As per the above-given benefits of south direction, we hope you have got an idea that there is nothing wrong in buying south facing property.

On top of that, by applying Vastu for home a person can achieve health, wealth, and prosperity at the same time.

You can also arrange Vastu Pooja for removing Vastu Dosha from the house.